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  1. Amel Hashim

    My favorite is kuwaiti Hijabs

  2. Audrah Zaben

    My favorite is the basic wrap. Its very attractive and seems easy to do with most hijabs I have.

  3. Aishath

    my favorit is basic wrap style

  4. Ghaliyaa Haq

    Sister Fatima – MUBARAK! Jazak’Allah Khair – you must be excited! I am excited for you! I hope that my granddaughter wants to wear hijab when she’s ten. She isn’t Muslim yet, though, but I know she is interested because the wants to pray with me etc. I’m a revert – the rest of the family is Christian, the kind who don’t like Muslims. So it’s touchy, I have to be careful – at the same time I want to answer her questions and encourage her.

    I’ll bet your mother and father are very proud of you too!

    As far as my entry – if it isn’t too late – I like the pirate style, too. I LOVE striped scarves with lurex… and I wear them that way quite a lot. Sometimes I use hair bands on the side part, or ribbon and then a flower. Sometimes I wind them up into a flower. My second favorite are crinkle scarves because they are so easy to make look nice. And I just discovered net scarves – but I don’t know what to do with them yet. πŸ™‚

  5. Azlina Nunong

    Any hijab style are my fav…But i will wear those that are the most suitable with my face shape & age πŸ™‚

  6. Fatima mubarik

    I am 10 years I am gonna start wearing hijab now Can I have some beautiful hijab

  7. Sana K

    I love the kuwaiti style hijab, I discovered it during Umrah and was intrigued by how feminine it looked..wish I knew how to do it properly though lol

  8. Karen

    I am probably cheating… no newsletter but I’m guessing the question. πŸ˜‰ Please don’t qualify me? :0

    And being new to hijabs, too… so far I tend towards simple wraps and the kuwaiti style makes sense too, the undercap to keep my unruly hair in reasonable place… πŸ˜‰ Not to mention of course just beginning to accumulate some nice hijabs so a half dozen being added to te collection would be helpful… πŸ˜‰

  9. Safiya

    slmz all! MashAllah i think its gr8 that so many sisters cover, N its gr8 to have all these variations on how to put a hijab on nowadays. Allthough i must admit i find some of them hard to do! Rite now i love the Khaleeji style as it is simple but effective, i manage to do with my 3 little mosters runnin round my ankles!!!

  10. Ciara

    My favorite hijab style is the Turkish style: simple cap underneath and a big silk square hijab. It covers the shoulders as well as the chest. I hope I win the 6 hijabs, they’d be perfect for Spring/Summer.

  11. Kaila

    My definite favorite is the Egyptian hijab, however, I love all of them!!!!! I am a hijab maniac! I only have 3 because I can’t currently afford more but I’m trying to slowly make a great collection!

  12. Aya Khalil

    Basic wrap, but also colorful ones in the summer!

  13. Dulce

    My favorite is the basic wrap around with a contrasting lace or solid undercap peeking out. I also like to pin it at the side, just below the earlobe with a sparkly brooch.

  14. Afshan

    I’d have to say the basic wrap too. Always easy to jazz up if needed!

  15. Aisha

    My favourite hijaab style would be the khaleeji style. Its nice, simple, easy, covering and loose. And it totally matches my face!

  16. Khairiya Finesse

    I love the pirate style. Works great for me. For work I just like to go with a simple wrap.

  17. Yasirah

    My favorite wrap is the spanish wrap! So pretty!

  18. quds

    my favorite is the wrap style, with a little variation to allow some dangly earrings to show, lol

  19. sha

    My favorite is the “igal hijab” its too cute and lovely…

  20. lolaa177

    My favorite is the Amera Colored hijab …simple & elegant ..and most of all u can find it in so many beautiful colors matching your clothes i got a lot from Jordan but wouldn’t mind getting more & more :))

  21. k

    i tend to go for the easy wraparound style, occasionally switching it up with the turkish style.

  22. nihad

    my fav is the wraparound style tho i like trying different styles daily.

  23. AAA

    There are so many ways to wear your hijab nowadays…’s hard to decide!Every time I want to try something new I always go back to the shayla wrap…it’s easy and super fast. I also like lots of chest coverage and that style seems to suit that best.

  24. Natalie

    I like the kuwaiti style and also the two piece hijab. You can wear the same colors or you can wear different colors at the same time which can truly bring out the color of an outfit. πŸ™‚

  25. Haajra

    My favorite style is the wrap-around hijab secured with a cute straight pin. πŸ™‚

  26. Rabia

    My current favorite is an old favorite from when I first started wearing hijab. I found it on a YouTube video. Drape over the head with one side longer, tie in the back, leave the shorter side loose, wrap the longer side around your neck, under the shorter side, drape over your head, secure. It’s versatile enough give more coverage in the back or on your chest. It’s simpler than it sounds!

  27. farah

    I’d have to say I like the Pirate style as well!

  28. LavendarClouds

    My favorite is the simple, Pakistani Pashmina wrap-around. But I love showing a little under piece, or attaching a thin, see-through scarf, or doing double colors, etc.
    But the main, ‘base’ style is simple wraparound!

    πŸ™‚ good luck everyone!

  29. Sundus

    My favorite style would be the “pirate” hijab. It’s really cute and different πŸ™‚

  30. Maryam

    i am so in love with this hijab
    my favorite is the basic wrap style too πŸ™‚ this scarf would look perfect in a basic style wrap πŸ˜‰ i hope i win lol! yes i am in love with this scarfffffffff

  31. Michaela

    My favorite is the Kuwaiti style, which is basically a one piece underneath and a shayla/milfeh draped over and thrown once around your head very loosely. No hijab hemet here!!

  32. Jodi

    It’s hard to point to one favorite style for myself because I wear many different styles depending on how I feel. If I had to choose at this moment it would probably be the Spanish wrap style!

  33. Fatin

    My favorite hijab style is the Pirate style too.

  34. Sama

    Currently my favorite hijab style is the β€œIgal Hijab” wrapped like a traditional shayla; yet, so many of the other styles also look great ^_^

  35. ???????? Sama ????????

    Currently my favorite hijab style is the “Igal Hijab” wrapped like a traditional shayla; yet, so many of the other styles also look great ^_^

  36. Ayanna

    My favorite would be the “pirate” style.

  37. Jana

    My favorite hijab style is the basic wrap around look.
    I hope I win. I coud use some new hijabs tee hee :p

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