Zeena Giveaway

We recently featured an article about the new Hijab fashion line Zeena and mentioned you could win this coral shrug.

So, what do you have to do?

Name your favorite piece from their Spring 2011 Line! (you can see pics here)

You have until Sunday February 6, 2011 to enter the giveaway for your chance to win the Coral Tie Shrug!

The giveaway is for persons residing in the U.S. & Canada.

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  1. Sama

    The “Blue/Navy Flyaway Shirt” is looks like my favorite for now, hope to see more options added ^_^

  2. Aisha

    I love the black and green fly away shirt, and the orange tie shrug!

  3. hajaat

    salaam …my favourite is Teal Tie Shrug

  4. adila

    i love the Mauve Tie Shrug

  5. rabiah

    They are all nice but I think i like Blue/Navy Flyaway Shirt the most. I really like the pattern and the colors.

  6. Hala

    I love all the colors of the tie shrug…its hard picking the nicest but i would have to say the coral :))

  7. Samrin

    My favorite is the Senorita Skirt…love it…so excited to have another designer who’s clothes are fashionable!

  8. Mariam Papa

    My favorite was the mauve tie shrug, hands down 🙂 I’m so excited for the line to be launched! Great work Bayan 🙂

  9. ammara

    i love the senorita skirt.

  10. Sally Morsy

    The teal shrug, definitely!

  11. Nousseiba

    I like the teal shrug a lot, it’s also really pretty in the coral. Good luck with everything =) Can’t wait to see what else you have!!

  12. Doaa Jasim

    I love the tie shrug in mauve! I can definitely see myself wearing it over jeans!

  13. zahra

    I love the Blue/Navy Flyaway Shirt.

  14. mahboubeh

    i loved the blue flyaway shirt! i can so see myself throwing it on top of a pair of jeans for school or dressing it up with slacks and a nice necklace. I like the other pieces to. i can’t believe your doing this! 🙂

  15. Hina

    I love the Senorita skirt the best! It looks flattering and perfect for work.

  16. Jabeen

    I want the teal shrug! It’s gorgeous!!!

  17. Khadijah

    I love the flyaway shirt is all the colors! Its gorgeous. However, all their collection is beautiful. It’s difficult to choose one item.

  18. senora helena

    The Senorita Skirt is ‘bold’ enough to be a Senora’s must have !
    Fabulous flare, darling ! Is there a Red/Orange option?

  19. Khadja

    I love the tie shrug in teal 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest of the line!

  20. Sumayyah

    loveeeee the coral shrug. love the color and the cut 😀

  21. Laura

    My fave is the tie shrug!

  22. Halah Saleh

    I love the Senorita Skirt!

  23. sherrykay

    The Senorita skirt is lovely! So how can we order her clothing?

  24. Alia

    I love the Blue/Navy Flyaway Shirt!!!!

  25. Dima

    I love the blue flyaway shirt!

  26. Sherin

    The tie shrug is my favorite piece! I love layers, and this would work perfectly (both pink and teal look nice).

  27. lolaa

    Senorita skirt… absolutely elegant ..love the design ….color are my favorite ..u can wear in many diffrent ways.. its a perfect outfit for a party with elegant sandals elegant hijab adding your own accessories …and a perfect simple but elegant outfit for daily use with cotton top,colored flip flops .. and cross body handbag …ohh i love it..it will be great add to my summer collection..great job Zeena 🙂

  28. k

    the mauve tie shrug for sure! but i’d love it in coral too 🙂

  29. Nour

    I just adore the bracelet that moves with your wrist and the teal shrug. Great collection–thanks for sharing!

  30. Shaheen

    The coral tie shrug! I absolutely LOVE the color! There are so many different ways of playing it up or down and it’s such a fresh color for the season.

  31. Iman

    I love it all! But my favorite is the flyaway top!

  32. Lilah

    I love the coral shrug!

  33. Dulce

    My favorite is the teal shrug, it’s a really saturated beautiful color. The coral shrug would work really well for Spring paired with dark jeans , espadrille wedge sandals, brown bag,a brown, coral and beige hijab and wood bangles as accessory.

  34. Sarah

    I loooove the coral shrug!!

  35. Farah

    LOVE the senorita skirt. Its just adorable. You could dress it down with a moto leather jacket or jean jacket for a cute night out look or up with a cute top for an engagement party.

  36. Amnah

    I love the tie shrugs. Either in coral or teal. It’ll be nice to be able to wear something without a ton of layers. Can’t wait for the whole line!

  37. Jodi

    I really like the Blue/Navy Flyaway Shirt! I can see this with a pair of jeans and even black slacks too! It’s very versatile for work or play. Their line is exciting!

  38. Lubna

    The tie shrugs, all the colors are beautiful!

  39. ST

    Navy Flyaway Shirt–such a beautiful design mashAllahh.

  40. Amy

    My favorite is the coral shrug actually, I love that color and the shrug is so nice and perfect for spring/summer.

  41. Lubna

    Blue/Navy Flyaway Shirt
    Love the colours, awesome style!!!

  42. Salma

    Green flyaway shirt

  43. Amina

    My favorite is the blue/navy flyaway shirt but I also LOVE the shrugs! Cant wait to start ordering:)

  44. Amena

    Red Flyaway Shirt
    i llllloooowwwwwvveee easy shirt – with no matching undershirt required. 😀

  45. Zeinab

    The tie shrug is a must have in my closet! its lightweight for summer and perfect as a layering piece in the winter. I can see myself using this all year round 🙂

  46. Iman

    Black/ orange flyaway shirt. It’s absolutely adorable and practical. I can’t wait for the official launch.

  47. Shairene

    Coral tie shrug! I can’t wait to see the complete spring line and see what Zeena has in store for us 🙂

  48. Nicole

    I like the flyaway shirt!

  49. Maria

    My favorite is actually the tie shrug in pink (coral). The dress is nice but it cuts from two cloths really high…and I don’t wear skirts too often. But I love cardigans and I love pink! I actually really liked this before & signed up for the Zeena newsletter so I could know when this opens. 🙂

    Good luck to everyone!

  50. clare

    I would wear the tie shrug in teal ALL the time 🙂

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