5 Shopping tips for hijabis

5 Shopping Tips for Hijabis
1.    Bring or wear a neutral long sleeved shirt and proper pants/jeans when shopping for tops:
Having a neutral long sleeved shirt and the wide leg/straight leg pants/jeans with you when shopping will help you to better visualize how most short sleeved or shorter tops/dresses will look hijabi-fied.

2.    Stay away from fabrics that cling.
Fabrics such as jersey and some spandex blends have a tendency to cling to the body, especially in places that you do not want them to.
A full length jersey maxi dress is going to cling in all the wrong places so you might skip that one for wearing outside. However, a top that is made of a spandex blend may be wearable hijabi style if layered under a blazer or cardigan.

3.    Shop for hijabi-friendly long sleeved, longer garments during early fall through winter.
During early fall through the winter seasons, long sleeves and garments long in length are more available in stores since they are worn by mainstream shoppers for cold weather dressing.

4.    Stock up on hijabi styles when they are on trend.
Hijabi favorites like maxi dresses, long loose skirts, tunics and scarves etc can be in or out depending on the season. If pieces like these are on trend, stores will have them available in a variety of colors and styles- that is the time to stock up!

5.    Try everything on before you buy it.
This is a tip for shoppers of all kinds. The worst thing that you can do is buy something, get home and find that a garment, accessory or shoe does not fit and/or flatter you.

Hanifah Abdul-Baqi is a fashion and wardrobe consultant based in North Carolina. She is also founder of Emerald Brocade Consulting

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