How to wear hijab on a small head

We recently received this email from a reader:

I hope you can help me! One of my friends I’ve known for the longest time has been thinking of wearing hijab for a while now. She finally started a few months ago. But she hates it. She’s not happy with the way she looks in hijab. Her family also tells her that it does not look good on her. They wear hijab too, so it’s not like they are telling her to take it off or anything. Anyways, I think her problem is because she has a small head and face. I told her she needs to find a style that goes with her face. Do you have any ideas of what she can do to make it look better on her? I would really appreciate it!

Megan Hirons Mahon/Gulf News

Dear reader,

First and foremost, your friend should get rid of the notion that hijab is supposed to be some sort of glamorous accessory. We wear it because we choose to, and if there are ways in which we can make it look decent while doing so, then we’re all for it. But, for people to put her down because of her appearance is somewhat superficial considering hijab is touted as the way to go out without being “judged”.

That being said, we also understand that if we don’t feel good about the way we look, it’s hard to leave the house.

Here are a few tips that should help your friend get out of the doldrums

If you have a small head, you can get away with hijab styles that are cropped a lot closer to your head and neck area. This is assuming that your body is proportionate to your head.

Hijab styles that will look good include the Default Hijab Style, the Sports Hijab Style, Basic Triangle Hijab Style, the Spanish wrap and the Basic Shayla Hijab Style.

Try to stay away from the bulky styles as they will overwhelm your head and make it appear even smaller. Some examples include the Tye dye hijab style, and the UAE Poof.

Now here is the tricky part. If you have a small head and are overweight, have a large chest, or just have a bigger body that makes your head look tiny-then you’ll have to avoid the close cut styles and opt instead for bulky layers. Those styles give the illusion that your head is a bit bigger and the volume helps to slim down your look overall. In addition, you will look more proportionate.

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  1. lucy

    learning to wear the hijab have a very little head short hair so what can i do to get more volume

  2. Ani

    Where in Turkey can we buy the volumnizing scrunchie? Is there any particular shops? Thank you.

  3. Rebecca Ahmed

    Dear hijabtophia, i’m a teenager and i want to start wearing hijab…i tried few scarfs on me but i look awfull can u tell what style would suit me with jeans and t-shirts? I’m a little healthy with a round face my head is average sized.

  4. HijabiTopia

    @Hidaya Wa alaikum salam, I just saw your comment. They are originally made in Turkey. So if you have a friend who lives there or is Turkish and travels there you could purchase them there. Another blogger, and public personality, Yazthespaz89 was selling them a while ago. As far as I know they are all sold out, but she said she might bring some more. So you may want to contact her. Here is her youtube link Hope this helps.

  5. Hidaya

    Salaam aleikum. I have a question for hijabitopia. Where do I get voluminizing scrunchies from?

  6. Noor

    As a plus size hijabi I find that the last thing I want is for my head to look to small in relation to the rest of my body. As mentioned above let a little volume into your hijab. Play around with different hijiabs, under-caps, colors,etc.

  7. Mariam

    Thank you, and apologies for getting off topic.

  8. HijabiTopia

    Here is my suggestion to the reader as a designer. I agree with Mariam Sobh’s suggestions. It’s easy to add volume to your hijab. I would suggest using a volumizing scrunchie and pashima style scarves that can be layered on for a bigger look. Using 2 colors at a time, or 2 pashminas at a time. YOu could also try the turban style (ofcourse making sure the neck and ears are covered). This style hijab makes any size head look bigger, most people stay away from it because they don’t want their head to look big.

    Also, if you wear an underpiece, bonet, or cap, it’s important to make sure it is not half way down your forehead. I see a lot of ladies who bring the undercap all the way down to the top of their eyebrows, which makes the face and head appear narrower and smaller. This is a small but very important detail!

    I have several examples I can provide with pictures, or would be happy to help this young lady! Please don’t take of your hijab! Anyone, and I mean anyone can look amazing in hijab.
    Contact me and I will help you as much as I can!
    EK Fashion Designer,, or

    @Mariam, I have a couture designed headpiece that comes in XL that you might like! Please email me and I’ll see if I can help you as well. 🙂

  9. Mariam

    This is a good question. I have a larger-than-average-head and wide face and often feel I don’t look good in hijab either. I was given a few hijab underscarves (tube type) and they are too tight. I’ve made my own tubes from my gently used T-shirts, but don’t look good in them anyway. I’m looking for a pattern or made-up one that is not knit so that I can have my “peak” and wrap something thin over it. Thanks.

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