Hijab style help: Graduation 2011

We recently got this request from one of our readers Sana H.:

I have been searching online forever to find a long sleeve undershirt that is fancy (shiny). I have a graduation dress and I am looking for a silver or gold top. I haven’t started looking for the right hijab yet that would be my next project although it would be a little easier (how to style it so I can wear the cap is probably a bit more complicated). Hope you can help, thanks!


Here is the thing with strapless dresses, they can be a little complicated to style. As far as a shiny shirt like satin material, it may clash, but if you find something with a little sparkle it could work. However, as you mentioned it can be hard to find those. They are usually for sale during the fall holiday season.

*If you can’t find a snug fitting long sleeve top to go underneath it can bunch up and look awkward.

*Turtleneck tops can be a good choice because it will allow you more freedom with your hijab style.

*Look for shirts with some embellishments or different structural detail than you’d normally wear, especially in the shoulder area; think puffy sleeves, knotted sleeves etc.

*Look for a color in the beading that you can match your long sleeve top to. So it could be purple, gray, white, silver, light gold etc.

*You can still get away with a plain long sleeve tee that isn’t shiny, because assuming you are going to have a hijab that is somewhat fancy to go with it, things will flow much better. If you have a shiny top it will take away from the beading and embellishments on the dress.

A few places that you can find long sleeve tops:

1. J. Crew Tissue Tee

2. Athleta

3. C&C California extra long sleeve tee

Other options we recommend:

  • Find a tank top or short sleeve tee that you can wear under for coverage and pair it with a bolero type jacket on top.
  • Get the exact fabric you’re looking for and then have a tailor make it for you.

As far as hijab we wore a regular triangle scarf to our graduation years ago, but if you want something different you can check out our interview with Elif Kavacki who designed a hijab for graduation caps.

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  1. Sana

    Thanks for the help. I ended up wearing the same color long sleeve underneath. Very simple. And I wore a green underscarf with a white lace hijab with green earrings.

  2. LK

    I would think the T shirt with the bolero would work better than a long sleeved T under a dress that fancy. The scarf would cover most of the chest so you probably would never see the t shirt.

  3. Elif Kavakci

    Dear Sana
    As Mariam mentioned we have a designer hijab called the Comfijab=Comfortable Hijab. We have a graduation comfijab as well. It’s a very popular item for hijabi graduates and provides the best look. For detailed information you can read this post on our blog HijabiTopia


    and to purchase one you can email info@kavakcicouture.com

    @Mariam, thanks for thinking of us! I had completely forgotten that interview 🙂 Time flies!

  4. Tanzima

    Wow! That’s a lovely dress! I totally agree with Mariam. You should wear a simple long T with this, so it doeant take away from the gorgeous dress. A slightly more embellished scarf would go well with this out fit…something in the gray family. Hope you have a wonderful graduation! Good Luck!

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