Pop culture and hijab fashion models

Some of you may have already seen this video, but in case you didn’t it’s an interesting look at Egypt and the growing acceptance of pop culture.

If you’ve heard of the Hijab fashion model Yasmine Mohsin, she is featured in the story and we were intrigued by the whole “hijab model” training portion.

Click here to see the entire piece.

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  1. Jennah

    As a relatively new muslim I clearly remember being almost afraid to wera hijab for the first time. I found it so encouraging/inspiring to look at women looking beautiful with their hijab. Maybe I would not have worn it so soon after reverting to Islam had their not been photos of such women. I continue to look at photos/videos for inspiration on how to wear it. I appreciate contributions to Muslim fashion. Having said that I would not want to display myself as a model….
    Overall I think she is presenting herself decently and is seeming to adhere to Islamic dress code – of course the makeup and tightness of jeans is questionable. I avoid tight fiiting clothes (although many of the maxidresses I wear are pulled in at the waist ..) but wear makeup so I cannot jusge the model poorly. Inshallah we all become more modest in many ways…

  2. Mariam

    I have to agree with the guys on this one – Yasmin seems to have good intentions, and feels she is doing something for women, helping them to break out, but it still looks like a meat market to me, and not too far from the reason I left Western culture — tired of being on the block. I can’t help feeling this way. It doesn’t seem Islamic to me, but if someone could present a good argument . ..

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