Hijab fashion at DFW 2011

(Note: Images provided exclusively by Dubai Fashion Week for Hijabtrendz.com and used with permission)

Dubai Fashion Week is in full swing with tons more shows. Every day there are at least 6 or 7 designers hitting the runway so that means there will be tons of inspiration!

And because we don’t want to overwhelm you we’ll be putting out a few pics of hijab fashion friendly outfits a few at a time.


Montaha Couture

hijab fashion show 2011

dubai fasion show 2011


Modest by Aisha Al-Ali

hijab fashion in Dubai


hijab fashion long dress


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  1. Qathi

    First, I love that the first Montaha Couture model is ‘plus sized’ or as we say in my world ‘normal’. However, I’m compelled to writing today to say that the second image from Shrekahnth totally rings my bell, that dress is AWESOME!! WOW! It’s delightfully retro but the print is crazy fresh and modern. Wonderful!

    Thanks for posting =)

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