A wedding made for a princess

We’re quickly approaching royal wedding mania, but I have to admit that I’ve never been intrigued by the British monarchy.

My mom would always tell me about Princess Diana’s wedding — how her friends woke up in the middle of the night to watch the whole thing. I have friends who could tell you every single branch of the Royal family and the scandal that each has had to deal with. I honestly could care less. Not that I don’t have my share of weird infatuations. I’ve just never been drawn to this one.

What does amuse me is the marketing for all the random Will and Kate memorabilia. Do people purchase these things? My favorite is the commercial for the replica of her ring.

As much as I don’t care, though, the coverage is just going to be ramped up until the wedding actually happens.
How about you guys? Will you be waking up early to catch every minute of the big day? What’s the big draw for the wedding?

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  1. The Grouchy Ladybug

    I have never been much of a celebrity follower- in fact I would go as far as saying I make a point of telling my daughter (as she gushes over George Clooney) to find more meaningful ‘heroes’ than the superficial Hollywood ones. Yes, I do not like the superficial celebrity gossip! When it comes to the Royal Family though, it is different. I feel that they have always been there and one cannot help but be interested in them. When my mother first emigrated to the UK as a young bride, she saw the wedding of Princess Margaret and then, twenty-one years later, I witnessed the ‘fairytale’ wedding that turned so tragic.
    I feel I have know William since he was born. I have watched him take his first steps; seen his first day of school; tragically lose his mother -and grow up.
    I feel so happy that he has found his soul mate. I will be watching and praying that this time around the royal wedding will not only be a happy occasion, but that the couple will enjoy peace and harmony in their marriage…
    Call me an Anglophile if you will!!! I cannot help it- I was born there and will miss being there for this event.

  2. LK

    Well the ring was Diana’s so that probably has more to do with it. That replica has been out since her passing. But I do think its getting a little crazy. I feel bad for these two. A wedding is an intimate thing it shouldn’t be plastered all over the media for everyone to see.

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