Searching for the one – Part 3

Muna hated awkward silences and she started to panic. Was he going to be one of those guys that didn’t know how to talk normally to a girl? There were plenty of Muslim guys like that when she was in college. They seemed to stammer and stutter if a female even looked their way, and if you happened to give them “salams” they equated it with a marriage proposal.

She hoped Adam wasn’t one of those.

“So, Muna, I hear you are a pharmacist. Does that mean you can write prescriptions?”

His attempt at a joke was not lost on her, and she was flattered that he even knew what she did.

“No, that would be a doctors job. I simply fill them.” She said shyly.

“Nah you’re being too modest. I know that you probably had to go through a lot of school and learn a ton of chemistry, if it weren’t for people in your profession there wouldn’t be remedies for doctors to rely on.”

“Well, maybe. I guess I am pretty important,” Muna started to flirt a little. She smiled and tilted her head slightly to the side. “So, who are you?” She asked him.

“I’m sure you know all about me, but in case you didn’t my name, is Adam Ali and I’m 32 and I live in Brooklyn but I commute to work in Manhattan.”

Muna couldn’t help but laugh. He was pretending to be some sort of personals ad.

“But what is your profession? I’m only interested in someone who makes at least 75,000 a year.” She said coyly.

“Ah, now isn’t that what we’ve all been trying to get to? If I make enough money it doesn’t really matter who I am as a person!”

Muna and Adam were laughing and joking and after awhile they started to delve into some more serious topics like family, future, career goals and what their beliefs were with regards to marital roles.

All of a sudden when the conversation started to get deep and personal, Muna’s father barged in. “Yella come on, tea is ready. Your mother made some wonderful desert for our guest, let’s give him some space.”

Muna was so annoyed. How could he come in and ruin this great moment? They only got to talk for just over an hour and she felt like they could keep talking forever. Time flew so fast.

“Thank you Abu Musab, but if you don’t mind I have to run home. My parents are arriving at the airport early tomorrow morning and I was hoping to catch Fajr on the beach before I go to get them. So I really need to get to bed early.”

Muna was swooning inside. Fajr on the beach? How romantic! Yes, she was enthralled by the idea of praying the early morning prayer just before sun rise, right on the beach. This guy could so be her husband!

She was definitely bummed to say goodbye, but she was hoping that he would call her father back afterward and express his interest in furthering their conversation. Muna was definitely a “go” with Adam and really wanted to get to know him better. But she had no idea about his thoughts.

Her family said goodbye to Adam and as he walked out the door he turned and glanced at Muna. “Inshallah see you soon,” he said.

Muna felt butterflies in her stomach. She couldn’t wait.

To be continued next Wednesday!

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  1. sana

    you should totally turn this into a novel. its soo good, only three installments and im hooked! its so sweet and romantic and so easy to relate to! it totally reminds me of when i met my husband a couple years ago..same awkward moments, same conversation in the living room (to be interrupted by family and dessert!) and the same goodbye-eye-contact-and-butterflies! 🙂

  2. Lavonda

    I love it already, can’t wait until Wednesday to read Part 4. Keep up the good work

  3. lolaa

    that’s sweet …fajer at beach i love it …can’t wait to see what will happen next Wed.:)

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