Places I’d love to visit

Hijab fashion in the United States can sometimes seem a little underwhelming and maybe that’s because our country is so large and spread out that unless you go to specific areas, you may not run into a hijabi at all.

But from what I gather if you go to places like Indonesia and Malaysia there are tons of Muslims everywhere who not only wear hijab, but come up with really neat and creative ways to wear it. Plus you see hijabis portrayed in television and print. How cool is that?

I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia and while you did see hijab everywhere, it was a very specific type. Black hijab and black abaya. I’m sure things have changed a bit since I was there and I hear that women now experiment with more color.

For those of you who live in Malaysia or Indonesia, how is life there? Am I way off? Are there not a lot of hijabis?

I’m also interested to check out Egypt, Pakistan, India, Japan, Australia, UAE, Qatar, Turkey, many places in Europe and South America, and the list goes on. I think I’m just really ready for a vacation! lol.

In other news…

I just wanted to remind you all about the Hijabtrendz Fitness Challenge. It ends on August 22nd and we have some great prizes lined up. First prize is $300 and some other really cool items. I’m super excited for the winner and wish I could get these prizes! You can discuss your challenges with others on the forum at so make sure to go there if you are feeling a lack of motivation.

There is no real specific thing you have to do except keep track of your weight and measurements and if possible body fat percentage. Then you do the challenge and get in shape, eat well and compare your measurements every few weeks and write it down. We’ll all share our stories at the end.

I’ll be honest I’ve been on and off with regards to working out and I’m a little worried! But I’m hopeful with Ramadan around the corner it will kick my behind into action! 🙂

How are you all doing? Anyone on the challenge?



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  1. Haajra

    Turkey is an amazing place to visit!

  2. Yasmin Raoufi

    This article was interesting and very fun to read. I hear women in Dubai wear their hijabs in a very beautiful manner!

  3. mohamed RAZI

    hai please come to sri lanka.we wellcome u. to ramazan,,, u a great masha allah;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  4. Umnia

    Yes! I agree, it’s so refreshing to see women of different cultures, it somehow brings us back to parts of ourselves.

    As far as the fitness challenge, that sounds great! I am very interested to see how Ramadan will affect me this year. Usually I gain weight from the late night eating, but this year I plan to make some switches.

    Your blog is great, mashaAllah 🙂

  5. Aisha

    Oh I just love Turkey! The people, the food, the culture, just about everything! I’ve been there a couple years back but I can’t wait to go again. I’m planning and going next summer for a full 3 months inshAllah!

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