Hijab fashion in Indonesia

Hijab fashion in Indonesia is just as beautiful as the fashions we’ve seen coming out of places like Malaysia and Singapore.

These hijabis really know how to look sophistacted and hijabified all in one.

We came across a company called Shafira and fell in love with their looks.

hijab fashion Indonesia

hijab style indonesia

Indonesia Hijab styles

hijab styles in Indonesia

hijab style and fashion Indonesia

We absolutely love the hijab styles in these photos.

What do you think? Are you digging the Indonesian hijab fashion scene?

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  1. irfan pasha


  2. WardrobeTrendsFashion

    Fashionable while maintaining your modesty! Commendable designs by Sharifa! – Cheers from WardrobeTrendsFashion.com

  3. zanirma

    FYI, many hijabis in Malaysia and Singapore buy their chic hijab-style clothes from Indonesia. Bandung and Jakarta are two favorite cities for them to buy the clothes. Indonesia is aspiring to be the Paris or Milan of Moslem fashion. I came across this site featuring the products from some of Indonesia’s most famous moslem designers : http://www.baytsyarifa.com/

  4. Robyn

    I love the first hijab style. I would love to learn to wear it like that, but would be afraid it would be too tight around my neck. Beautiful clothes.

  5. hijab

    really these hijab dresses are really cute…

  6. afshi

    love the first one…love that top!

  7. Fatin

    I love them all, my favoruite is the first one though.

  8. Mariam Sobh

    I like that they are simple and elegant it’s totally my style. I love high fashion, but the reality of being a mom and not having time.. these are so appealing. 🙂

  9. Audrah Zaben

    I love all of them!

  10. Yasmin Raoufi

    I love these images because they show that you can be a fashionista while still maintaing your modesty!

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