Fall cravings

I say this every year, but I can’t wait for the arrival of Fall. Besides the respite from warm weather (which I can’t stand), I just love Fall clothes.

Here are a few things I’m currently drooling over:

1. I am a fan of trench coats anyway, but I absolutely fell in love with this one when I was at Target the other day. (I actually wanted the one in red, which doesn’t appear to be online.)

Trench coats are a great hijabi fix, too, since they’re long and can make you instantly look put together.
I’m hoping this one goes down in price a little so I can snap it up for the colder months.

2. Speaking of Target, I also saw these heels and wanted them on the spot. I’m frankly surprised that I was able to leave the store that day without purchasing a thing.

I have a penchant for buying suede shoes, which I can wear for approximately two days out of the year. And yet, I still always want them; they’re just so soft. I also really like the shape of this shoe, and I saw this style everywhere when I was Eid shopping.

3. I’m in need of a good walking shoe that is comfortable for a full day of activity but also looks nice.
I tried these Pumas on the other day, and they felt amazing on my feet.

I don’t mind paying a decent amount for comfortable shoes that I know will last, but I’m still hoping to find a bargain on these somewhere.

4. I was pleasantly surprised this weekend when I saw this maxi skirt at Old Navy.

It was on sale at the time, and with a coupon, I was able to get it for $14. A pretty good deal on a staple hijab item, but I also am a big fan of the color. Any shade of brown reminds me of Fall, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get some good use out of this one. I can already picture it with a great pair of boots.

Are you guys excited for Fall? Doing any shopping to prepare?

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  1. Alia

    Awesome Post!
    Thanks so much for the ideas. Love the pattern on the trench coat that adds color.
    The pumas are adorable as well.;-)

  2. Yasmin

    I loved this post! If you find any good deals on walking shoes please let us know because I’m also looking for those!

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