Two tops to giveaway by Rabia Z.

If you didn’t get a chance to order one of Rabia Z’s amazing hijab fashion tops from her Ruby line this Eid, you’ll be happy to know that Hijabtrendz will be giving away two of them!

The top is hot pink with two black stripes on the front and a hot pink tie you can use to gather the fabric.

hijab style top by Rabia Z.

The jersey fabric drapes beautifully and, because it’s so baggy, would look great with a pair of skinny jeans and high heels.

If you’d like to add this to your hijab style collection, all you have to do is leave a comment below using the Facebook comment box, and tell us what event you’d love to wear this top to.

Since we have two tops to giveaway, we’re giving you twice the amount of time to enter 🙂

***Bonus*** want an extra entry? The Facebook comment that gets the most “likes” will get an extra entry!

The last day to enter is Friday September 16th at midnight central standard time.

To learn more about Rabia Z. you can go to her Facebook fanpage.

Don’t forget to add us on Facebook and twitter to keep up with the latest giveaways and find out who wins!

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  1. Anisa

    I would love to wear this on one of our monthly couple dinner dates..its comfy and elegant.;)

  2. Yara

    I would wear this when I meet my new potential inlaws 🙂

  3. Hina

    I would wear this to work 🙂

  4. Mehreen Akhtar

    I’d love to wear this anywhere as I’ve recently lost weight and would love to wear something more fashionable <3

  5. JoJo

    Amazing designer mashallah her fashion is really diffrent I wish her items were a bit cheaper so i can buy lots of them. I woule love to wear this dress any day, to school to work or to a gathering or any day to day activity its so fashionable.

  6. Nakia Jackson

    I think I’d wear this until it fell off me- I LOVE THIS TOP.

  7. Jenny

    This dress is perfect for any mixed event. I would love to have it for this coming eid

  8. waheeda shivji

    i dont see any form to fill to be included in the giveway. Where is the form. Thanks.

  9. iswarani

    Stunning! I loooove Rabia Z’s designs, and I would love to wear this top almost everywhere. It is so versatile and can be dressed up casually and formally.

  10. Sama

    Oh, what a great design. I would wear it everywhere 😉 It would be especially nice for my first dinner out with the in-laws…

  11. rageemah

    Wow, this is beautiful, I’d love to wear this to the next wedding I’ll be attending, or for the next Eid, its so glamorous and perfect for a hijabi, also I’m attending a fashion show soon, sooo… I really wanna win this!

  12. Aaliyah

    I’d love to wear it when I visit Australia on holiday. I’m finding it hard to find hijabi friendly clothes for my holiday. x

  13. Zehra Sikandar

    AOA! I would love to wear your amazing hijab fashion tops to almost anywhere I go 🙂 mosque, family occasion, work etc. As a women and muslimah I just love to dress in a graceful and modest way. Also our Qur’an instructs that women should dress in a modest way. I have a perfect black skinny pants to go with this and perfect black scarf. Mashallah this top is beautiful, stunning, fashionable and elegant all at once. Shukriya for the giveaway.

  14. afshi

    Salam. I had entered this contest on my facebook account, but can’t see my response. So guess I’ll enter here too. I’m actually entering this contest for my sister, whose name is also Ruby. She is a new hijabi and has yet to find her hijab dressing style. Combined with the fact that she is struggling to lose weight, she’s having a hard time finding clothes that are modest and stylish. This in turn brings her self confidence to an all time low and she mentioned to me that she is now debating on whether to keep the hijab or not. Honestly, it really saddened me that she felt like this. I want my sister to feel beautiful again and to see herself as beautiful as everyone else sees her. So to answer the Contest Question, what event would you wear this too – well I would want my sister to wear this outfit to work. She is a Primary School teacher where the majority of the kids are Muslim. The pink colour adds a touch of pazzaz to the outfit, and if she wears it with pallazo pants and killer heels it would be perfect out to wear on Picture Day with her students.

    All the best sisters!

  15. Aminat A.

    OOOO how i would love to win this InshaAllah.if i win i would like to wear it the way the model did.. its so beautiful MashaAllah and my skool host Eid evnt coming up nd i would love to wear this …. <3

  16. Khadija

    Inchaallah, I would love to wear this on my next vacation to Morocco. It is very stylish and unique, just like me. I would love to win the top. I also love your website, Mariam, and I visit your site every day. Barakah alhou feek!

  17. anwar najjar

    how do i enter this giveaway? do you have to have a FB account because i am not allowed to have one :/

  18. Hiba

    So fabulous! I would wear it on my husband’s and I date night! I think it is a beautifully made top, that is flowy yet at the same time figure flattering. It is such a striking color I know that it would make whoever wears it feel gorgeous!


    i would like to wear this in the home as i am a niqaabi, its nice to have elegant outfits to adorn oneself in the home or socialising at friends.

  20. SunnyD

    This would be great for Eid!

  21. imen saidi

    sallams, i would wear this top in my sister in law wedding, and there will be non-muslim friends, so it gonna be a nice occasion to show them how fashionable can be the hijabi wear.. it’s classy without beeing too much! and the design is so gorgeous and delicate. and what colors!!! i really adore the color!!! reflecting joyfull and and life enjoying personality! aloso the color goes greate with any skin tone! i’m really in love!

  22. Mona Ismaeil

    I would LOVE this top!! Elhamduallah I am getting married soon and I think it would be perfect for my katb ketab, or any family parties we have. Also, this would look amazing on our honeymoon in India!

  23. Samana

    I would love to wear this top on my friends get together that we have every month, I love the color combination and the style of the top!!!! cant wait to add this to my wardrobe!!!!

  24. noha nader

    i love this style coz i like 2 be different in my hijab, and as i work a teacher in an international school i would like to wear this in my school events specially the parents meetings to feel that i am unique .

  25. Audrah Zaben

    I am going home to Jordan soon for first time in 5 years….I would love to have this top on when I see my family again. Rabia Z if most beautiful and talented designer for modest women. So so Beautiful and Feminine! I love her to much to much!

  26. robin

    NOW is such a good time to be a hijabi!! So many gorgeous, modest fashions to choose from! An event I would wear this to? I actually have 2 weddings to attend this month and my husband, who HATES my abayas (ANY abaya!!) would FLIP if he saw me in this! So, would my kids!!. Girl, I probably wouldn’t even leave the mirror!!!! LOL (Astaghfirallah.)

  27. Zakira

    Stunning top Rabia Z;), the collection is superb!!! I’m a Speech and drama teacher and I’m going to be a judge at a talent show called “Muslims got talent” and it would be a real honour to judge a competition in one of Rabia Z’s items!:)

  28. Amal

    I LOVE THIS COLOR. I am waiting my husband coming from Egypt, and maybe I can wear something like this amazing top for him… Very elegant. Jazak Allah kheir 🙂

  29. Iqra

    Salams! I would love to win this top and wear it to a dinner party or just going out! 🙂

  30. Zarine

    i absolutely love this top. i would probably wear this in a gathering where i need to look classy and casual at the same time, for instance a restaurant 🙂

  31. Ashley Davis

    I would love to wear this on days when I’m feeling sad or a little ‘down’. Such an elegant top might just help to boost my mood and make it through the rest of the day feeling more confident and reassured in my life. Feeling good with what I’m wearing helps give me confidence and reassurance on the inside.

  32. Desiree Steele

    WOW! Beautiful! This top is so versatile I would wear it almost anywhere! To work, to the mall, to the fair, to my companies end of year party! You would pair it with jeans for everyday wear, with a long maxi skirt for fancy wear… love love love!

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