Voluminous skirts from Haute Hijab

Haute Hijab has officially launched their clothing line and the outfits are stunning.

We especially love these skirts:

Polished Peplum Skirt $198.00

Grand Ball Floral Skirt $225.00

What do you think, would you buy any of these?

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  1. MMS

    nope, the first skirt doesnt seem like it would be flattering with extra flap and the second skirt’s pattern is way too busy for such a large amount of fabric…neither skirt is worth anywhere near the amount they are charging for it

  2. Yasmin

    Mashallah, both outfits are very beautiful but over my budget 🙂

  3. Michaela

    I am not feeling either of those skirts. The print on the floral one is a little too 80’s but the style is cute. I would pay $100 but not $200+

  4. Audrah Zaben

    like the first one…but for 198 I could buy like 10 maxi skirts…not that I would want that many…that is just to expensive!

  5. afshi

    ^ what she said.

    plus i dont wear formal western outfits.

    pretty though!

  6. Donna

    They look cute but very expensive.

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