Capsters giveaway

If you are an athletic hijabi and want to make the most of your workout without worrying which hijab to wear, then you’ll love Capsters! This company designs hijab for those who are on the go and they are really amazing.

You can read more about them in an exclusive interview we did awhile back.

Capsters is giving away runner hijab to a lucky Hijabtrendz reader!

If you’d like to learn more about Capsters you can visit their website here or go to their Facebook Fanpage.

Sports hijab

If you want the hijab above to be yours, just tell us below in the comments what your favorite sporting activity is, and why this hijab would help you keep it up! Want an extra entry? Whoever comments below with Facebook and gets the most likes will automatically get an extra entry!

Contest ends Monday October 31 at midnight central standard time.

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  1. Michelle

    All sports. I am a teacher at a public school and I coach girls’ and boys soccer. Most of the students are really surprised to me a teacher with hijab in the first place, so when I try and be sporty, the al amirah hijab is letting me down – too tight and definitely too hot. I want to encourage the students, not pass out from the heat!

  2. Leanne

    Running. I am not athletic at all but two years ago I decided I wanted to run a 10K and now I am hooked. I exercise mostly with girls from my school and I want to look as nice as they do in their tank tops and Nike running shorts (both of which I obviously can’t wear). Last year I even started a hijabi intramural soccer team we lost every game but had a great time doing it in our hijabs 🙂

  3. Aishah Jesse Abdullah

    Salaam Everyone!

    I’m a newbie to hijab since October last year. I’m a fitness fanatic, loves swimming, tennis, running, going to the gym, anything that keeps me fit and active ( i miss my group exercise classes, espercially Zumba) but since wearing a hijab i stop doing all those things and i’m gaining Weight, which had left me very misery and low self-esteem. I tried running with my ordinary scraf and inner cap (similar look like the Capster) but is just not the same, i feel hot and irritated, ever since then i have stop exercising. I read good stuffs about Capster and Capster you can help me get back to my feet once again.

  4. Nashiah

    working out! esp on the elliptical:)

  5. Sana

    I can’t just pick one sporting activity. I love sports in general. Volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, golf and even a lil soccer. I’m at the gym every day lifting weights and running. Also I love to jump rope!! I sometimes take boot camp classes and concrete core.

  6. Amira

    I would love this, I workout a lot and this would be perfect for me. I lift weights, run, and do other cardio exercises and I wouldn’t have to worry about a hijab that stays in place while doing these activities.

  7. Yasmin

    I love doing the simplest of all excercises which is walking! I belive that walking on a regular basis is a great physical activity because in the words of my Biology professor: “We humans are made to walk. We’re just great walkers”. This awesome hijab would help me by taking away the hassle of choosing the most comfy hijab to wear for my daily walk!

  8. Jodi

    Like I said on FB, I enjoy vigorous walking for physical fitness and this Capster would help me to keep it up because it would give me one less thing to worry about when I’m trying to get out the door! It would give me incentive to do what I need to do and move more. There’s no excuse not to get out the door when you have this sort of hijab because it covers you in every way you need it for. Besides it looks warm for the upcoming winter months…and chic!

  9. MMS

    I would wear this hijab while swimming or spinning, wearing a cotton hijab can get too tight or too hot or too soaked (while swimming)

  10. clare

    I ride my bike to work and for fun, and this would be an awesome scarf to wear under a bike helmet- much more stylish than an al-amira but still snug and lightweight!

  11. Sarah

    I love running, and this hijab would help me run without worrying about the hijab falling or being too tight, etc.

  12. Jen

    Wooooo, I like. I do a lot of things like Zumba, Jazzersize, and Weight Lifting. So, this hijab would be perfect!

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