Hijabtrendz Exclusive: Saman’s Makeup and Hijab Styles

When you judge another,  you don’t define them, you define yourself”
-Wayne Dyer

That’s Saman Munir’s favorite quote. And if it tells you anything, it should showcase the fact that she is a strong hijabi who is confident in herself and proud of her identity as a Muslim woman. If you thought hijabis have no style or makeup sense, think again! We recently caught up with one of the latest “hijabi fashion personalities” to grace the internet. She runs a Facebook Fanpage and Youtube channel with a fan base in the thousands!

Saman Munir, a 31 year old mother of two, is a former quality control specialist who used to work for an automotive and aerospace company. She says she quit her job after having her first child, a daughter, who is now 4 years old. Munir also has an 18 month old son and a loving and supportive husband. She now works part time as a makeup artist and hijab stylist.

samans makeup and hijab styles

Munir’s initial journey to hijab happened when she was younger and she says she only wore it for a brief amount of time, because the only reason she put it on was to please people. Munir says the second time she decided to wear it was in 2005, when she chose to do it for God.

Munir says she was inspired to start making her own video tutorials after watching other hijab style and makeup video tutorials.

“I have always been passionate about makeup, but never knew how to apply it.  My passion grew further when I was expecting my son. In my spare time I used to watch makeup/hijab youtube videos and that’s how I got started with my own fan page. I am pretty much a self-taught makeup artist but I have also taken makeup and hair styling courses.  I will be getting my certificate soon.”

samans makeup and hijab styles

She began getting requests from women who liked the way she styled her hijab and her fan base continued to grow. Because makeup and hijab can seem somewhat at odds, Munir is used to getting some negative feedback from those who don’t understand her creativity.

She manages to turn that criticism into something positive, “I always get negative feedback but that is what makes me better and stronger.”

Munir says she never thought she would get so much support from Muslim women around the world, “A big thank you to them and all praises to Allah for his blessings.”

Since she lives in Canada, Munir is used to some of the negative perceptions non Muslims may have regarding women who wear hijab. “Some Canadians have negative views on hijab. They feel it puts women on a lower level than men.  Some also think we are oppressed, but we know its not true.  We are proud to be Muslims and we are not afraid to show our identity.”

So how does a mother of two have time to juggle raising kids and shoot videos?
“I ask myself the same question lol. If you love something you will spare time for it.  I am totally passionate about my hijabs and makeup.”

samans makeup and hijab styles

Munir’s advice to women who are nervous about trying a new hijab style is to try all the styles and figure out which one suits you better. “Also some sisters get frustrated when they cant get it right the first time, so my advise to them is keep practicing because you will eventually get it right.”

Want to know what her everyday hijab style is? Watch it below:

Munir says her favorite hijab brands include scarves from My Trendy Hijabs as well as her own hijab line which you can find on her Facebook fanpage.

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  1. fahim shaikh

    i love hijab & hijabi girls.i will marry with hijabi girl inshaALAH.

  2. Carl

    The ‘Navy Blue’ (top picture) scarf is an exclusive SAUMAIRN® brand label designer scarf.


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    Carl S. McCarthy
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  3. haoua

    Hello Irene, if you go on Youtube just google simple Hijab Style and a plethora of tutorials will appear. Good Luck!

  4. irene negron

    Hi! I am very interested in wearing a hijab and with that said
    I have never wore one before. I want to do it for myself and god
    Can u help me get started and teach me how to put it on thx

  5. Yasmin

    Thanks for introducing is to this awesome sister! Looking forward to checking out her youtube channel!

  6. afshi

    Sister Saman is awesome! What a sweetheart mashallah! and her hijab styles videos are just so easy, but beautiful. She inspires me to make video blogs, but im too shy lol.

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