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We first ran into her at an Islamic convention a few years ago and were impressed with her style. Fast forward, and now she has become a hijab style expert for girls around the world. Yasemin Kanar, 22, is based in Miami Florida where she dispenses everything from tips on how to wear hijab to the best way to apply makeup.

Kanar recently graduated from FIU in Miami, with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. She still resides there with her family.

 Are you single? If so, what are you looking for in a spouse and what is your advice to other girls in the same situation?

I trust that Allah will send me the person that is meant for me and the one that I’ve always prayed for. The main things I look for in a spouse are Islam, Humor, Knowledge and Respect.  With those foundations, the rest are included, especially when it comes to treating your wife the correct way and vice versa of course. Another thing I look for, but which is just my personal preference, is facial hair! I know it sounds like a joke but it just makes a man more…manly. I’d also love if he is taller than me because I’m 5’8”.

For girls that are interested in looking for a spouse or are sad that they are still single, I say take advantage of the time you have as a single woman.  It’s the time you take to find yourself, your passions, your hopes and your dreams!  I recently came back from a 4 month stay in Turkey and it was by far the best learning experience of my life! I wouldn’t have been able to go there alone and learn about life and surviving on my own if I was married. Those are my dad’s words as well….”Take advantage of traveling the world before you get married and have children.” I’m so thankful he allowed me to go on that journey.


How did you get started in hijab styling and makeup?

Since childhood, I was always the creative one out of the bunch. I loved playing with makeup, being extravagant and having fun being different and unique! It was about 3 years ago that I actually started using all the makeup and hijabs that I had collected over the years, and really put them to good use!  I started doing crazy things with the makeup I had, bought new brushes, and did more extravagant styles with my hijabs. Most of the styles I do just come to me at the moment. Most of the time I don’t have a look in my mind, I just do it! It truly is so much fun to be creative and try out new things that when you come to find it, looks great on you. The key is to have the confidence inside you, to be able to convince everyone else around you that it looks great! 🙂


When you first started posting YouTube videos did you ever think you end up where you are today?

Wow, when I first started making YouTube videos, I did it with the intention of helping a few women and friends who would always ask me how I wrapped my hijabs.  Instead of me actually taking my hijab off in front of them, I just gave them my channel to see how to do it themselves! Of course they’d be able to replay me over and over again instead of me actually repeating myself over and over again :). As for where I am today, I would have never imagined what so ever! I am truly blessed to have Allah swt , my family and of course my supporters, viewers and fans in my life to help me grow continuously!


Do you envision continuing to do hijab styles and makeup tutorials for women or do you have any other passions?

Of course! I don’t ever want to stop my passions, because if you enjoy something, why stop what is making you happy?  My other goals for the future are to one day open up my own bakery with my mom and sister. We would be a great trio and it is something so cute and beautiful for women to do!  If one day I can start my own fashion “YazTheSpaz” line that would be a dream come true as well. For now, I am taking it day by day. This is a continuous journey for me and I don’t plan on stopping now! 🙂


What is your advice to people who want to try new hijab styles are there any easy styles to start with that aren’t too daring?

As I’ve told most of my viewers who specifically ask me for advice when they are so close to starting to wear hijab is, make sure you are doing it for the sake of God and no one else.  A lot of these young girls who want to start covering, all they need is that extra dose of confidence along with someone to help them jump start their variety of hijab styles so they have no excuse not to find a look that works best for them! I’d say the easiest style to do, which is relatively different than any other hijab style, is Hijab Tutorial #1. It is the original style that started YazTheSpaz and I have to honor it :).


What has the response been so far from viewers/fans?

For anyone who is going to expose themselves and their lives to the world, they are bound to pass through smooth and bumpy roads.  There will always be people who see differently than you and people that agree with you. Majority though, has been such great positive words ranging from assisting sisters who want to start wearing hijab, to helping others build their confidence inside to exude to the outside. So Alhamdulillah (thanks be to God), I’m blessed to have them all in my life for positive energy, prayers and allowing me to be part of their journey in growing as a beautiful Muslima!


How do you come up with styles? Are there any styles that you look back on and think “what was I thinking”? (I’m thinking of myself when I was younger… man some of the ideas I had were bizarre lol)

This is a great question! How DO I come up with these styles?  I will tell you my little secret…for most styles I just come up with them on the spot! I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. For example, the most famous hijab tutorial video that I have out is Hijab Tutorial #9. This was a style I literally came up with 5 minutes before the video was made. I look at a scarf and then my hands just start moving in all different directions and WaaLa! Over 225,000 views for that video alone and still growing Alhamdulillah! I’ve always been the type to want to be different, and I have been able to express my unique self through the different hijab styles that I do! Each tutorial has its own bit of personality to it and I’m so happy sharing them with the world!


Is there a specific hijab style you think works universally for anyone?

Out of all my hijab looks, I think the style that works best for everyone is the look I’ve been wearing for a couple of weeks now, which is most similar to my Hijab Tutorial #7 but with a more loose fit to it. You can see pictures of what I am talking about in my latest photo shoot with H2Photography.

hijab styles by yaz the spaz89

What does your family think about your overnight success? How do you manage your time between working and promoting your work on youtube Fb?

My family has been there since Day 1, whether they approved of it (Mom) or not (Dad) haha! Alhamdulillah they love it though!  My siblings think of it as a way to joke around by calling me YazTheSpaz everywhere we go, it’s so funny.  My mom is my number one fan no doubt.  She promotes me everywhere she goes and comes with me to all my events where I am either speaking at or modeling at.  I love MommaSpaz!

As I previously mentioned, I just graduated from University, but during that time YazTheSpaz had just started, it was not easy to manage it all. I was juggling taking 16 credits a semester, not to mention upper division biology courses, working twice a week at the bakery, keeping up with my prayers as a Muslim, managing all my social networking pages (YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, Blog, etc) and spending time with my family and friends.  At the time, I was also starting to sell my original YazTheSpaz Volumizing Scrunchie which took off like crazy Alhamdulillah! It’s been over a year and still going strong. I couldn’t have done any of these things without the grace of God, so AMEEN for having Him on my side.

To find out more about YazTheSpaz check out her facebook fanpage, or head over to her youtube channel for great tutorials!

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  1. Gabriella Taylor Tomanovits

    Yes, V-Wa-La, written “voilà,” meaning, “..there you have it!” “… see it!” and there we SEE all of Yaz’s GORGEOUS hijabs, indeed! I love them and would love to bring them into style for every woman for it’s sheer practicality (when not wanting to do one’s hair) and especially winter hijabs (if such things exist), which is what I want so badly in order to KEEP WARM during frigid weather!

    Yaz’s stylings are most beautiful as are her simple and easy to understand videos – love love love them!

    But seriously, between the scrunchee and the turtleneck, the cap and the actual scarves (not to mention the pins), I should be able to create FABulous protection against the most cruel winters, after studying Yaz’s videos, right?!?! Can’t wait until Yaz does some videos on this idea.

    Her sense of style in clothing is just wonderful — I love everything she’s ever worn and tend to dress that way myself although I cannot easily find the styles!… which is why I LOVE when she announces where she buys things!

    THANKS SO MUCH, Yaz!!! … from a non-Muslima!

  2. noussaiba

    i wanna see more photo of style hijab

  3. Zeynub

    Awesome! I actually first started watching Yaz’s tutorials ’cause of the post Hijabtrendz did on her a few years back. The tutorials are really helpful for ideas and different ways of wearing hijab. Thanks Mariam for posting that original post, and thanks Yasemin for the great ideas, may Allah bless you both for all the efforts both of you have put in for us Muslimas! Aameen 🙂

  4. Reina

    Love you Yazz keep doing what you do. The impact you have on Muslim women young and old is only beneficiall! May Allah protect you <3

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