Even hijabis love someone

I know the title of this post is super cheesy, but it’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day.

One of those holidays where people either do it or don’t care.

What is funny is that I feel like I fall in the middle of the two. I don’t really care about the day necessarily, but I have on occasion bought a card or gift for my husband.

As the years have gone by and the kids take up my time, I just honestly forget about it. Of course it’s hard to with all the paraphernalia in the stores, but believe me when your mind is a million places even those big red heart balloons screaming out “Valentine’s Day!” don’t even make you think twice.

The first year we were married I was kind of testing my husband to see if he would get me anything. I remember going and buying some candy and a stuffed animal (even though it’s super cheesy and I hate giving grown ups stuffed animals) I just wanted to show my love and that he meant a lot to me. He kept asking me if I wanted anything and I was like, “No it’s not a big deal.” When deep down I really did want him to. Of course when I brought him the gift he felt so bad because he didn’t get me anything. Then I felt bad for embarrassing him about it.

In the end we agreed to either do it equally all the way, meaning we both get something for each other, or not do it at all. On and off for the last few years we have given each other cards or chocolate, but we also sometimes forget all about it.

hijab cartoon joke
This is just a tongue in cheek joke of holidays and Muslims. I feel like we can be so wishy washy sometimes. Of course I’m pointing the finger at myself here! haha!

Now that we have two kids and almost 6 1/2 years of marriage under our belts I honestly don’t feel the need to get wrapped up in all the hype. It’s not because I’m against the holiday or think that the card companies are trying to make money off of people’s emotions, it’s because I just don’t feel that into it. Maybe next year I will get involved again, but this year I’m totally laid back.

I’d much rather spend the time and effort making a nice dinner or being treated to my husband’s cooking and relax at home. To me Valentine’s Day is just a reminder to tell the people in your life that you love them.

And whether we do it on February 14th or the day after or even a week later it shouldn’t really matter, because the meaning behind your actions it what really counts.

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Amnah it was a joke because we know how the media can portray us and not having human emotion. As a hijabi I’m offended that you would think that I would be trying to portray hijabis in a negative way 😉

  2. Amnah Khan

    So some people think that hijabis are not human beings? Who was thinking this way? Was it you, Mariam Sobh? I simply find the title of this post offending.

  3. LK

    I feel like couples have anniversaries so valentines day really isnt necessary. Its a commercial holiday.

  4. Jodi

    Great post Mariam. Sometimes we get all caught up in the hype of these holidays and it’s hard when you live surrounded by them as custom. I think it’s a sweet gesture but honestly should be year round between husband and wife privately. What woman wouldn’t want all the showering of love and affection in flowers, perfumes, chocolates, nighties, cards and jewelry! If we can move aside the hype, it’s a sweet day but it would be great year round with little gestures and they don’t have to cost anything at all. What’s hard is if you are single but as long as you know it’s just hype overall then it’s easier to deal with.

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