The no pin Bokitta hijab

I decided to order some hijabs from Bokitta the new company based in Beirut, Lebanon. It was a great deal because they were offering free shipping. If you’ve ever ordered internationally shipping can almost be more than the items themselves, so I was thrilled at the offer.

The hijabs arrived in less than 4 days which is faster than orders that I’ve made in the U.S.! That was a huge plus.

The packaging was very professional and it was nice to see that from a Muslim company.

Since the hijabs were folded they had creases that needed to be ironed out.

The only downside is that the undercap for most of the hijabs are way too tight for my head. But I have to say that my head shape is rather large and most hijabs or one pieces can tend to be very tight on me. I’m going to try to figure out a way to stretch it. I may have to cut the elastic and put in an extra piece and then sew it back together.

hijab patent by bokitta

Overall I love the style because it’s really unique. The feeling of being able to go out and about without fidgeting with my hijab all the time is amazing.

What do you think? Would you ditch your wrap scarves for something like this?

P.S. if you want one you’ll be pleased to know these will be featured in next months giveaway!

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  1. sara

    The colors are very cute and it seems to frame the face nicely. Sometimes the no pin hijabs have a tendency to stretch out as the day goes on, causing the hijab to slip. Did you notice anything like that happening?

  2. Audrah Musa Zaben

    I like the idea also but I have a larger head I guess and would be afraid to buy it…and it needs additional coverage because I am tall and have longer neck line than usual. The colors they have on mecca mode are nice, and no pins is great. Sheymaa hijabs on ebay makes mona hijab which is a one piece shayla and just requires one pin and she makes them with material that always fits comfortably on my head, so if anyone likes mona hijab go to her shop. Does anyone know where to order any jersey cotton hijab?

  3. Fatin

    This is nice

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