Colorful Jeans and Islamic Fashion Festival

It’s time to start getting ready for Spring! Colors are in again and even more companies are participating in making jeans that come in all sorts of colors. I’m really excited t see Not Your Daughter’s Jeans on the list because they make amazing pants for those of us who aren’t into super low cut. Everything is held in nicely and you  don’t have to worry about sagging. 🙂

colorful jeans hijab fashion

colorful jeans hijab fashion
colorful jeans hijab fashion

Tip: I’ve gone to Nordstrom Rack and have found these pants dirt cheap! Instead of paying almost $100 for a pair I’ve seen them priced at $19.99.

Bonus Tip: These pants are great with long tunics like our fave’s from Zeena!

And finally, if you haven’t been keeping up with fashion news… the Islamic Fashion Festival just wrapped up in the Philippines. Here are a few stories from media outlets hat have covered the event:

The Beauty of Modesty

Islamic Fashion Show Promotes Malaysia


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  1. Hijabi

    I admit they are cute, but i couldn’t do it. Those were in style when I was in junior high along with silk ruffle shirts and bodysuits. The memories are horrifying. 🙂

  2. Yasmin

    Wow I can’t believe you found these really cute jeans for $19.99!

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