Getting on board with false lashes

I love makeup whether it’s browsing around Ulta Beauty, Sephora or online. And it’s even moreย  fun to play around with it at home after watching makeup tutorials.

But lately I wonder if I’m behind the times. I’ve always loved to try different looks, but I’ve never considered using dramatic looks outside the confines of a private girls party or at home, because I think I’d look like a fool.

Perhaps I should accept that I’m pretty low maintenance. I prefer to spend my time doing things and going places than primping for two hours. Although when I’m feeling really into it, I do put some makeup on for a natural clean look (I’ve mastered it in less than 1 minute), I still take the easy route unless it’s a formal event.

hijab fashion and false lashes

The other day I thought that I’d give false lashes a try. I occasionally wear black mascara and I thought this would save me from applying it. When I looked at the description “100% human hair” I was beyond grossed out and stuck it back on the shelf.

I started wondering if the hair was made from the scraps after someone’s haircut, or the hair from the temple in India that is used for hair weaves? Or maybe there is a room full of women with long hair in a factory and they get paid to come in every day and get it cut for lashes?

Then there is the glue. What if you glue your eye shut?

Maybe I’m not cut out for it, but I do want to try synthetic false lashes for fun. Just don’t count on me going out in them, because what if they fall off in public?

Have any of you tried them?

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  1. Jodi

    I agree fully Audrah and we must be very careful about being judgmental and self-righteous. Only Allah knows the heart and mind of those that follow Him and of whom is really strong or weak or thus professing so. We must be careful of the religious and sadly a lot do not fully even know their own religion and what is correctly or incorrectly taught. So let’s not judge but uplift each other because Allah knows best. Sorry, but this had to be said because there is too much ‘policing’ going on that is not right or correct. No offenses intended. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Audrah Musa Zaben

    I dont see anything wrong with these things in the privacy of your home with female friends or husband.

  3. Azeezah

    My comment will be รƒ bit harsh,so lemme apologize ahead. Please for Allah’s sake,you kept saying this site is not รƒ religious site but you used the word “hijab” which has รƒ deep root in islam to name your site. As รƒ matter of fact,this word is what has drawn several to this site;muslims (those weak and those strong in faith),non-muslims.
    Please be careful about the informations you share; “fake eye lashes?” Very soon you will start talking about brow shaping and other forms of beautification that are unislamic. Lots of people take whatever you say hook,line and sinker. The other day you were talking about “nail polish?”
    Please sister let all be careful,may Allah continue to guide us all to the rite path. JZK
    Sorry about my harsh words.

  4. Jodi

    I have some but have never used them Mariam. I want to but like you I am wondering if they will fall off! lol A friend bought me some ‘Duo’ glue which is supposed to be the best for fake eyelashes, so I’ll have to play around with that sometime. I think me getting them on correctly is my biggest worry though! I don’t have human hair ones, that would be weird! I agree with Audrah that the Maybelline Fasle Lashes Mascara truly does make you look like you have them on already! It’s amazing! I guess it adds natural fibers to your own lashes or something like that and it looks wonderful! I like playing around in makeup and new looks because it’s fun and every woman’s right! ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to have a ladies Spa day so we can do these sorts of things and encouragement helps!

  5. Audrah Musa Zaben

    Yeah I have always wanted to try the false lashes at home in private…the closest I have is the maybelline false lashes mascara which is actually very good…I am not a heavy makeup person…I try to look as natural as blush..just mascara a little eyeliner and mineral makeup and nude lipstick..sometimes pink. Accenting the eyes are very beautiful though and I thought it would be fun to do an updo for my husband…maybe I will pick up some from Target…let me know how it works out Mariam

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