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Let’s talk about an issue that’s a little … delicate.
I recently had to replace my undergarments. They were getting old, and the fabric was wearing thin from too much washing. (I know that’s more information than you ever needed to know about me.)
I was not too happy at the thought of going bra shopping. It’s nearly as bad as looking for jeans.
It’s not a coincidence, I’m sure, that most women wear the wrong bra size.
I’ve had myself measured at department stores. I’ve gone on websites in search of proper ways to measure myself. Every single one gave me a different size. It was very frustrating.
It also doesn’t help that for most women, their chest is the first area where they gain or lose weight. Constant fluctuation can be pretty annoying in such a fundamental piece of clothing.
But, I think, after a lot of trial and error, I’ve stumbled across a good bra. And, wow, what a difference good sizing makes. I feel like all my clothes fit a little bit better, and I have no extra bulging anywhere.

Is this an area of frustration for you guys, too? Or, am I just behind the curve? (No pun intended.)

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  1. jojo

    I can never find things that fit my chest im a DD but im not a big girl otherwise and they just dont seem to make things for girls with larger chests. its almost impossible for me to find a good fitting bra that isn’t cone shaped (which i hate) so when i do find something that fits i buy a bunch of them. not to mention dresses sometimes i have to shop for dresses 2 or 3 size larger and still most of the time the chest doesn’t fit but thats a whole different topic.

  2. Zeynub

    I have the same problem, so I just stick with sports bras.

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