Hijabtrendz Giveaway: Imzadi Couture

We have a great hijab fashion outfit giveaway today courtesy of Imzadi Couture.

Imzadi Couture Hijab Fashion

Here is the outfit description:
Urban cotton dress in modern plaid (tartan) in a contrasting combination of red and black.  It is one-piece with fake shoulder straps and buttons. The modern short V-neck provides enough space, for the hijab to be tucked in the dress. This outfit is comprised of a dress and cotton hijab with thin contrasting borders in a tartan pattern.

Giveaway is open to everyone.

Make sure to leave a comment below on what event you’d wear this outfit to, and you’ll be entered to win!

Contest ends Friday May 11th at Midnight Central Time.

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  1. zulaiha

    Very pretty dress wish I could get some for all occasions

  2. MaryamSami

    jazakallah khair!! 🙂

  3. Sundas Butt

    I would wear this dress to my upcoming college graduation! It goes well with my cap and gown!

  4. Sorayya

    I would love to wear this to a job interview with a cropped black blazer and wide-leg dress pants! Because the dress is long and has a pop of color, I would keep all the other elements simple and let the cute plaid pattern do the talking 🙂

    I’m on the hunt for a workplace where all employees accept my hijab, so I would love to wear this to my next interview!

  5. Neama

    I can totally imagine wearing this to university, meeting up for lunch with my family and finally pairing it off with a few sparkly accessories to attend a dinner party at night! So many things you can get done with the perfect attire!

  6. Rukhsana

    Salaam sisters inshallah will be wearing as my first abayaah as have decided to wear scarf and abayaah

    So it will be lovely to win
    Thank you

  7. Ala

    I would love to wear this cute dress for my best friend’s wedding because it’s gonna be mixed party and this dress is perfect for it 🙂

  8. MaryamSami

    Assalam O Alaikum,
    Insha’a Allah Hope to win it, and wear it on Al-Maghrib’s Ilmfest 2012 in toronto 🙂 Jazakallah Khair! 🙂

  9. Rifda

    Salaam, I love this outfit it looks stunning 1would wear it @ business meeting

  10. Rifda

    Salaam, I love this outfit it is stunning and I would wear it for a business meeting

  11. Nadira Mohamed

    Very cute attire. If I was to win this cute outfit I would wear it to my youngest sons graduation in June insha Allah. I’m so proud of my baby Masha Allah !!!!! I would also wear it to see my family in Egypt when I go in July Insha Allah . My mother in law would love this. Would love to get one in her size insha Allah even if I wasn’t to win one.

  12. Maryam Sami

    Assalam O Alaikum,
    Insha’a Allah, hope to win it, and wear it at an Al-Maghrib Seminar Ilmfest 2012 🙂 This would look very sophisticated and modest in a large mixed gathering. Jazakallah Khair!!!

  13. rinei

    I like red-black combination.
    Will wear it for hanging out with hubby

  14. Maryam

    I would love to wear it on my son’s 4th birthday. this is the first time we are going to celebrate his bday and he loves the colour red!

  15. Lisa Aminah

    I would wear this lovely outfit when I go out in town with family and frriends to a nice dinner, or to a celebration party with family 🙂

  16. nihad

    I love the dress. Its so sophisticated and i wear red only with black. I would wear it for an upcoming interview. Add some funky accessories and i could even wear it to a party.

  17. Sara

    Ooohhh.. very nice masha Allah.. I wouldn’t be able to wear it now b/c I’m expecting insha Allah.. but would wear it afterwards, on Eid insha Allah 🙂

  18. Özlem

    I would wear the dress, graduation, party in my schoolgirl

  19. Özlem

    Salam alaikum, ?ch würde das Kleid am abschlussfeier meiner schüler tragen

  20. HA

    Salam! I would wear this dress to a dinner out with friends. It is a very versatile piece!

  21. Reema Manasrah

    Very cute dress:) Would Love to win it ;)I would wear this to a breakfast or brunch with my friends:)

  22. Jodi

    I’d wear it with confidence to a new job interview! 🙂

  23. romaseba

    I would wear it to a girls only tea party or birthday (even though I don’t really go to them) 😉 xoxo

  24. MC

    Totally not a fan of this

  25. Lubna

    Nice dress! would wear it for outings or cook outs this spring.

  26. Nunay

    I would give it to my sister,so she can wear it to her high school graduation

  27. Fatin

    I would wear it every where 🙂

  28. Brittany

    Very cute, I would wear this out with my husband and our family to different places.

  29. elma

    Salam, I wolud wear this dress for my birthday which is on 14th of may. I was planning to go out with my husband so I would love to have it.

  30. Sumayya

    Assalamu alaykum,

    I would wear this dress to a lecture or dinner out somewhere.

  31. Juwairiya

    I would wear it for the Muslim Lawyers Meeting. Absolutely Chic and trendy! I wouldn’t mind wearing it also for BBF’s son welcome party! 🙂

  32. safia

    very cute! I want to wear it at ISNA this year!!!

  33. Tara

    I would wear it overseas to meet my husbands family for the first time!

  34. Gloria Sherief

    I would wear this dress to pick my husband up at the airport..I havent seen him in over a year..He would love it..

  35. Zaina S.

    This dress would be perfect for me to wear on my first day of high school. It would really be great for the fall season and show my personality well. I just started wearing hijab. This would help show my sense of style as well as who I am. Oh and I love plaid!

  36. Juwairiya Abdul Qadeer

    A picture perfect one for that all occassions. I did love to wear it for my friend’s son welcome party.

  37. Sara Hildebrandt

    I would wear that as an every-day abaya. I usually wear plain black and I get so tired of it. I would love having a more colorful abaya/dress to spice things up a bit.

  38. Esmeralda Fazlic

    I love it… great site,Big Selam from destiny Bosnia

  39. Flora F.

    I would wear this dress on family vacation to Tunisia. Thank you for the opportunity to win! 🙂

  40. Fatima Husain

    Sallams! Hope you’re doing well, iA! I absolutely LOVE this dress and all the others in your collection as well. Masha’Allah, you are a very talented woman and we need many more like you. I would wear this dress paired with some fab pieces of jewelry at halaqahs, seminars, masajid events, or even any old girls’ nights out! May Allah SWT bless your business, iA. Wsallams.

  41. hemihazlina

    I’ll wear it for dinner or office wear

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