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I’m finally going to start posting what I wear to work!

Here is what I wore recently (yesterday to be exact lol).

hijab fashion featuring Rabia Z hijab

My hijab is the scrunched up one piece by Rabia Z. in brown. I’m wearing a leopard-ish shirt from Target. The pants I have are from the amazing Uniqlo in NYC. Oh how I wish they were in Chicago! And the shoes are Me Too from DSW. I’m obsessed with Me Too shoes! The necklace is from Target.

I’ve been working like crazy and have to remind myself to stop and take some pictures.  Usually I wear wrap hijabs, but I’m trying to experiment with more looks. Nothing over the top though, because that is not suitable for working in the real world haha.

What do you think? Keep the hijab simple or wear something outrageous?

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  1. Mariam

    Looks nice. What do you do on your job?

  2. Yasmin

    Looking good, Mashallah! One of the good things about working is that you get to wear your nicer clothes!

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