Mother’s Day Weekend Fun

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This past weekend I went to visit my family in Urbana, IL. It has been at least two months since I was down there and it was nice to see everyone again.

I have three brothers that still live there. One is married with kids and my girls loved playing with their cousins. My parents also live there and it made me wish we all lived near each other.

My girls with one of their 5 cousins.

My fourth brother lives in NYC with his wife so we tried to do a brief video chat while we had a picnic outside,  but it didn’t work too well lol.

One of my younger brothers also just graduated from college so we celebrated his achievement. I still can’t believe it! When I got married he was such a little kid haha.

My brother's graduation cake from a friend of his.

It was such beautiful weather outside that I had my hubby take pictures of me. Poor guy always behind the camera!

I’m loving the way the colors of the scarf pop with the sunlight. I’m wearing the hijab from Belissima scarves and have lately become obsessed with it and try to find how I can wear it with each outfit lol.

The rest of my outfit is comprised of my Uniqlo pants (obsessed is putting it mildly, these pants are the best thing since sliced bread) I have on a t-shirt from Old Navy and the light sweater is Kische from Nordstrom (which I posted a long time ago… yes I keep my clothes for years lol) and I’m wearing my Gizeh Birkenstocks.

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I’m happy to report finally I’m back on the grid with my smart phone, so expect to be inundated with pictures :).

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Oh and I picked out the winner for the Imzadi Couture giveaway. Check your inbox to see if it’s you! I’ll post the name as soon as I get a response.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week. I’m so excited that the weather is heating up. We are looking at high 80’s today yippee!

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Thank you Fatin. They are the joys of my life 🙂
    Jodi thank you so much, it was definitely a great time. I can’t wait to post more 😀

  2. Jodi

    What a lovely visit you’ve had Mariam! I know your mother must have been thrilled to have all of you in her home at once! Love the outfit and hijab! It all looks so comfortable and flows together well! Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  3. Fatin

    very cute girls mashallah

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