Taking nail art to the next level

I’ve always loved nail polish, as you could probably tell. It’s been wonderful for me that nail art is so in right now, although it’s been hard to hold back from buying every cool new polish I’ve run across.
I was at Sephora last weekend, and I saw this Caviar Manicure. I probably would have gotten it on the spot, but it costs $25, which is a bit expensive for nail polish, I think.

I also think it would be pretty easy to replicate with items from craft stores. If I have time, I may go looking for small beads and try this on my own.
But, for now, I’ll just have to satisfy myself with another bottle of magnetic polish and maybe some stickers.

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  1. Zeynub

    Wow, that is some interesting nail polish. I’ve never seen any nail polish like that before. I personally like the B.O.P.O nail polish, Brush-on Peel-off = no need for nail polish removers! Haha, 🙂

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