Summer blockbusters

I’m really excited for a bunch of movies that are coming out in the summer. Movie theaters are the perfect place to spend cooling off on a hot day. Plus, there are a host of new releases that look really good.
I just recently saw “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” which I absolutely loved. The story follows several retired folks from England who travel to a hotel in India, billed as a getaway for the old. The scenery made me miss my family’s trips to Pakistan, and the story itself was charming and funny and heart-warming.
I’m really looking forward to the newest Pixar flick, “Brave”. Pixar never disappoints, and the previews for “Brave” look both funny and fun. Plus, it’s nice to have a female lead in a Scottish setting, which should be interesting to explore.
I’m guessing the most anticipated — and probably the biggest — summer movie is “The Dark Knight Rises”. I was a huge fan of “The Dark Knight” and have probably seen it a half dozen times. I’m guessing the final movie of the Batman trilogy will be just as amazing as the first two.

Are there any movies you guys are looking forward to this summer? Or, do you stay away from the theaters when the high school crowd takes over?

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