Hijab outfit of the day featuring Minnetonka shoes

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I know it seems like I’m all about pants, but they are just convenient when I’m running around the city or chasing after a bus to get to work. Here is one of my favorite laid back looks where I pair a jacket with a button down shirt and jeans. I do this with various colors of jackets and different types of jeans from dark blue to black and even cream colored ones.

This outfit is comprised of Minnetonka shoes, Old Navy jeans, the sleeveless button down shirt and jacket are from H&M and the hijab is from Shukr. I added a slight pop of color with the red watch. My mother gave it to me, and I think she bought it from a sample sale online.

I love to roll up the jacket sleeves slightly so it looks reminiscent of an old school journalist. 😉

hijab outfit of the day

Does your work place let you dress this casual? What is your favorite way to add color to a neutral outfit?

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  2. Jodi

    Nice outfit Mariam! I like to add colorful accessories like jewelry, a fancy hijab pin, a belt scarf that you can see past a long shirt, even a colorful pair of shoes or purse. Just a few nice touches that can be elegant yet simple and easy going. I think this adds to the neutral outfit and looks pretty without being overly bold! Wonderful watch! 🙂

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