Saudi Women in the Olympics

It’s big news for women in Saudia Arabia. They will now be allowed to compete and represent their country as female Olympians!

Here is a recent article from the BBC.

Dalma Malhas Saudi Arabia Olympics

This seems like a great advance for women, the only frustrating thing is how some of the news articles we’ve read often point out that the equestrian, Dalma Malhas, who might be the first female to represent Saudi Arabia doesn’t wear hijab.

Why does it always come down to how women are dressed? Are you excited to see Saudi Arabia moving forward with female athletes?

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  1. Yasmin

    I am happy to see these baby steps and Inshallah more progress will be made in the future!

  2. helena sorensen

    What is hidden fuels curiousity… please forgive us our ignorance…
    I am a west coast canadian woman who has lived in Saudi Arabia for 8 years and through following your website over the past two years… have come to some understanding of the significance of hijab & what it means to those of you who wear it… I also know one saudi woman who chooses not to wear hijab and she bears the title of rebel!
    I believe that the public domain of sports has always offered women the opportunity to break stereotypes
    and push minds to think outside of the box…
    Brava to Dalma Malhas & the powers that be…
    and thank you, Mariam, for inviting comments on the above…
    warmest regards, helena sorensen

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