Stylish and comfortable?

I still love watching “What Not to Wear”. There’s just something about makeover shows that’s exciting. It’s great to see in the final reveal how far the person has come in their transformation. Plus, Stacy and Clinton offer more reasonable fashion advice, I think, than I’ve seen from other people.
They had someone on this week, though, who brought up an interesting point: Why do women have to be uncomfortable to be stylish?
I don’t think this is necessarily always the case, but it is true in some cases. No matter how much you spend on heels and how comfy they’re touted as being, you have to admit that they can’t compare to putting on a pair of running shoes. There’s no way you can spend a day in heels and have your feet feel the same in the evening as they did that morning.
And, there’s no doubt that fitted clothing tends to look a little better than a shapeless sweatshirt. Even if you’re modest about your fit, it’s still some work to wear a tailored shirt or dress.
So, is it possible to be stylish and cute and still feel comfortable all day?
The other day, I was wearing a skirt that was jersey and a cotton shirt. I didn’t feel constrained at all, and I was able to move about easily throughout the day. But, did I look as nice as I would have if I had worn heels with my outfit instead of flats? Probably not. It can be a tough double standard when it comes to fashion.

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  1. Zeynub

    I get what you mean! For example, some of my friends don’t mind the pain of wearing heels, just as long as they look taller, and I’ll admit it, more elegant wearing them. While on the other hand, me and some of my other friends don’t wear heels, ’cause for us the pain isn’t worth it. For me, if something is comfortable, then I like it. And I’ll wear it over and over. If it looks fashionable, then that’s just an added bonus. But I think, in my opinion, we shouldn’t go any lower than being presentable at all times.

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