Covered up and cute

I was reading something the other day and ran across this Mode-sty website. I was pretty intrigued.
This isn’t a Muslim website, but it’s mantra is something that I think every hijabi can relate to.

Take a look:
“At Mode-sty, we believe that every woman has the right to express herself through fashion. Too many contemporary trends leave women with an unsatisfying choice. Either opt for inexpensive, trendy clothing that is too revealing for your tastes, or spend significant time and money searching for more modest designs. To make matters worse, many conservative fashions on today’s market are unflattering or unfeminine.”

From what I can tell, the website doesn’t offer a continuous stock of clothing. They have occasional flash sales with items by designers famous and not as famous.
I signed up for their newsletter, so let’s see what kind of items they offer.
But, there has been a major shift in fashion in the past few years. It’s not as restrictive. You don’t have to be a size 2 or only wear short dresses to be fashionable.
Nothing says you can’t cover yourself from head to toe but still look as cute as any model in a magazine.
I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more places like Mode-sty in the future.

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  1. LK

    That store has beautiful clothes. Its really refreshing to see!

  2. jnana

    That sounds like a great initiative!

  3. Ayuni

    yes, agree with you…we can wear anything as long as we cover our aurat…

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