Beware of sugary drinks

I have always loved to drink all kinds of beverages, and often think that I’m being “healthy” by picking out things that sound like they should be.

What’s shocking is the amount of sugar you can find in drinks these days and how we fail to realize that all this sugar is often what can be linked to bad dietary habits.

I’ve always had a sweet tooth and it took my doctor telling me my sugar levels where high for me to realize, that fat free isn’t everything. Candy and drinks that have tons of sugar and carbs can really hurt you in the long run.

Sugary drinks are not healthy

 The Harvard School of Public Health published this guide to show a more visual perspective.

What are your thoughts? Will you curb your sweet drink routine?

I have to get back to drinking Ayala’s Herbal Water!

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  1. Zeynub

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Jodi

    This is something I became aware of a couple of years ago when I wondered why I was gaining so much weight! It was from the sugar in sugary drinks, even fruit juices! That summer I was guzzling them down with no thought as to how much I was drinking. These drinks are very dangerous if you have a sugar problem, and I don’t mean if you are diabetic but just in general. Hidden sugars put on weight for those watching our weight. You really have to read the labels to find out what’s what and when in doubt, drink water! You’ll find that if you cut back on the sugary drinks that you’ll lose the weight! Thanks for sharing this Mariam.

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