Queen of Trends and the hijab poof

I received a great sampling of products from Queen of Trends in the UK. It included two bracelets, a polka dot hijab and a flower clip.

I’ve never tried the massive flower hair clip before so I was very excited to get my hands on one.

flower hijab clip

It does take some getting used to, because it really creates a huge amount of volume.

Creating volume for your hijab

I love the polka dot hijab it adds an intersting touch to my white blazer and jeans ensemble.

Polka dot hijab style

The hijab and flower clip were great quality and I’m going to have to play around with these items some more!

To check out more from Queen of Trends you can head to their website or find them on Facebook.

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  1. Yasmin

    Very cute, Mashallah 🙂

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