Hijabtrendz Giveaway: Boutique Saba

If you want to dress up an outfit without having to spend tons of $$$, we have just the solution for you…

Sleeves and collars by Boutique Saba are so exquisite and well made that they will make anything you have go from dull to dazzling.


We absolutely fell in love with the sleeves and collar we were sent.

They are hand made of very high quality which is hard to find when you are looking at most of these types of products on the Muslim market.

As an added bonus, we are pleased to be giving away one set of sleeves and matching collar to a lucky reader!



If you would like to participate in the giveaway, leave a comment below on where you would wear these items.

The giveaway ends on Friday October 12th at midnight.

For more information/to place an order/ or to stay updated on the latest products they have make sure to check out their Facebook Page.

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  1. Sara

    I would wear this for eid or for any dinner i get invited to

  2. dima

    I would totally wear this on eid to fancy up my outfit without going too overdone 🙂 inshaAllah.

  3. A Muslim Almirah

    I would blog about these add ons being time and money savers! 🙂

  4. Dina

    I have just begun wearing hijab and reentering the work force. This would be a very elegant touch to my career outfit. I would diffently wear to meetings or client presentation.

  5. Lina

    I love these! I would love to wear them on Eid (ISA). I would also love to wear the black one for work especially when I have special meetings and presentations infront of our clients.

  6. Zainab

    I would wear these when I visit my wonderful in-laws in Yemen!

  7. Lisa Aminah

    Salam! I adore antique looking clothing. I love to wear Mediaeval and Renaissance clothes and Victorian styles as well. These garments are gorgeous. I would wear these garments to the Fes Festival or any Mediaeval events that I like to go to. And this fits into my everyday style.

  8. Heba

    Love the vintage look they give an outfit! I would wear them to a wedding.

  9. Lubna

    I’ll wear it on Eid inshallah..not sure if I’ll get it by then 🙂
    I guess I can wear it anywhere, if I get it …lol

  10. Jodi

    I would wear them to a Renaissance festival (RenFest) like I went to this past weekend! This would have been the best addition to my outfit and I would fit in amazingly! Thank you!

  11. Zahhra

    Salam, They are so pretty I need them to completely this outfir I have

  12. Shirin Shaikh

    I would love to wear this to my office meetings. I think it will add a sense of confidence and flair to my presentation when Im using my hands to explain wearing those beautiful sleeves.

  13. muningrum

    if I win, I would wear those pretty items to job interview.
    im a last year student of Naval Architecture and soon I will be graduated from my university and find professional job.
    those items will help me alot for boasting my looks so that I will look more professional and it will be my plus point to get the job I want. xx

  14. rema

    ASAK, Honestly knowing me I’d go anywhere dressed up, lol. But I would totally rock these!

  15. Nigah M.


    These are absolutely gorgeous! As a law student, there are days where I have to be dressed up. Many blouses are short sleeved or have sleeves made of sheer fabric. They also consist of low necklines and wearing a full sleeve t-shirt underneath takes away from the professionalism of the outfit. I would wear the collar and sleeves to look professional, stay modest, and to show my colleagues that I can make a fashion statement while wearing a hijab and dressing modestly.

  16. Arige ELnaesr

    I would to wear them to a job interview since thats all whats on my mind these days

  17. Nimrah N


    I am Pakistani, so a lot of my dresses’ sleeves are not long enough and made of sheer fabric. I would wear the sleeves when going to a party wearing my traditional clothes to kill 2 birds with one stone! I will be modestly covered and fashionably covered! It’s the best of both worlds =)

  18. MaryamSami

    ASA, i would love to wear them on a formal dinner, and make a statement inshA!

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