Calling all hijab models

One of the most popular posts on this site, is one that I wrote a long time ago about hijab models.

I know that it’s hard to grow up in a world where modeling jobs are pretty much near impossible for women who choose to wear hijab.

And on top of that, most of the companies that do sell hijab fashion, often use models who don’t wear hijab. Can you say catch 22?

It is because of this that I want to take the time to feature hijabis from around the world who dream of becoming models.

I want to create a space here on hijabtrendz for you to showcase your style and talent.

hijab model and Malaysia fashion week

If you are interested, please send a brief summary about yourself to info at hijabtrendz dot com and please:
Include your age, where you’re from, and why you want to be a model. Also include some photographs that we can publish on the site.

This is our small gift to you, and we hope that we can help you get noticed, and who knows, maybe it will lead to something bigger!


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  1. Asmaa

    Hi my name is asmaa I live in Canada I’m 15 I love to be modl

  2. Madina

    Hello, my name is Madina. 21 years old from Afghanistan, currently living in Canada. I’ve been wanting to become a modest model for a while now. I want to do this because I want other girls to know that they can be stylish and classy while wearing hijab. I am 5’2 in a good shape. I am very happy with my features and comfortable with my appearance. Please Email me back 🙂

    and I am not sure where I can attach my pictures.

  3. Aminah Aryan

    I’m an athlete and a dreamer and I have always been interested in modeling, but due to my hijab, had never thought it possible. My name is Aminah Aryan, and I’m 18, living in California, USA. I love designing and putting together new outfits, and taking modern fashion and blending it to my own. I am 5’5″ and 134 lbs and I’d love to be a candidate. I would love to know more about hijabi modeling. Thank you 🙂

  4. masoumeh

    Hi, as salam maleykom. My name is Masoumeh Hashemi I am Iranian I and I live in Canada Guelph, Ontario. I am 18 years old and I would love to become a hijab model! All my life ever since I was young I wanted to become a model. Everyone laughed at me and told me I would never become one. I want to prove they are not right and also ever since I wore the hijab I loved styling it and showing to the people that Muslim girls despite the fact that they were a hijab they are still stylish. Just because you wear a hijab doesnt mean you cant dress nice. So Inshallah I hope I can accomplish those things in life 🙂



  6. Suweyda

    And from earlier my weight is 47 and best regard

  7. Suweyda

    Hello, (al salaamu alaikum)

    My name is Suweyda Hussein (17 years old ) and I am from Finland. I am interested in modeling and I have always imagined myself as a model but because of the fact that we are hijabist I thought it is almost impossible but this opportunity proved that it is not which, I appreciate a lot. I also petite and my height is 5’3 and my weight

  8. Tasneem Abdulsalam

    Hi, i would really love to be a hijab model. Am 22 years old. I live in ghana. please give me the chance. I am really photogenic. Lol

  9. Nazia Afsar Mim

    Assalamu alaikum, I am Nazia Afsar Mim. I am 21 years old and I wear Hijab from 2011 Alhumdulillah. I always dreamt to be a model but I live in Bangladesh where It is nearly impossible as there are really less opportunities for Hijabis as a model. Though I did a Fashion show as a hijabi model for a hijab Brand A very well known Hijab brand of Bangladesh and got veryy positive Feedbacks from Everyone Alhumdulillah. That encouraged me alot to Move more forward towards my dream. So i really want to Do something really big with this concept Hijabi Model. I want to take the concept of modeling to a new level, to a level which we call MODESTY!! I want to break people’s misconception about Modelling And hijabis That hijabis cannot do Modelling and that Modelling is a bad thing!!! So i want to show people that you can do anything Covering yourself with Your Hijab. And that Everything has a good and a bad side but if you choose the profession positively there is mo wrong in that! I am 5’8 and I really want an opportunity. Ill b glad if i get one!!! Please i wan to Make this come true in a big Positive way so Please help me out.
    Thank you.

  10. aisha

    Hi, name is Aisha and I’m 5.5ft. I’m 18 years old and I’m from Canada.
    I wear hijab and I always loved modeling ever since I was little but I thought it would be Impossible to become a model because of my hijab. But as I was growing up heard about hijabi models and ever since I wanted to become one. Now I’m studying my last year of High School and my dream is to become a model after that.

  11. Rajaa

    Hi, I am Rajaa Chennouf from Morocco, I am someone that is addicted to creativity in Hijab fashion. since a year I have created my Hijab page on facebool called HIJABELLE. some outfits on my blog are designed by myself because i love adding my personal touch. I would love to be a hijab model for more Hijab inspiration.

  12. mahvish khan

    Salam!! This is mahvish Khan I’m 22, I live in Lahore Pakistan, I’m a final year medical student ,I’ve always been wanting to become a model but since I’ve changed recently like a year ago and started wearing hijab ,learned about my religion I just felt like my dream was totally inappropriate, but now I know I can just modify my dream within the limits of my religion with the the help you guys, soooo please give me a chance n make dream a reality , I’m 5’7, fair and slim.

  13. nadia

    Assalamou alikoum everyone !
    My name is nadia and im 23 years old, from Morocco. Im such a simple girl who likes fashion alot, I’m actually so obsessed with anything that is related to the Hijab and It has always been my biggest dream ever to be working as a professional fashionist women, especially because Hijab is my whole life which I’ve been wearing it since I was young almost 11 years old and now I would like to inspire every muslimah out there who wants to become a hijabi but a bit scared inside.
    Hijab Is True Blessing Alhamdulillah !!!

  14. Suad

    Asalam Aleikum
    I am 18 years old.
    I leave in Sweden, I have always loved to be a model, I was happy seeing your adv
    I don’t know how to post my pic.

  15. rachida

    I would like to be a hijab model I always wanted to be a model but never got the chance because I am a Muslim please give the chance to be a model it will be a really good opportunity and good experience it will really be great if you give the chance please get in touch thank you

  16. Blank White Sheets

    Just wanted to drop by and give an Eid mubarak <3

    and this is such a great idea, if only i had the height for it :p

  17. Brianna Wojciechowicz

    My name is Brianna Wojciechowicz. I just turned 26 am a mother of two. From Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania USA. I would just like to give modeling a try how do I share photos?

  18. amirah dauhoo

    salam am a young women of 20yrs old and actually i was a model before but now i wear hijab so that why when i saw your advertise i thought it wil be great being a hijabi model sometime i creat my own hijab style ibut i cant see where can i post my picture if you have an email add it will be very good so that i can send you my pictures

  19. Jenna Seintan

    This is my mother Facebook but you can contact me still through this. I’m Jenna Seintan 15yr old palestian hijabist. My dream is to open my own hijab shop with my own line of Arab clothing. Modeling Arab clothing would be a dream to me. I have been whereing a hijab since 2nd grade and I’ve always loved accerios or new style hijabs I always done something different. I feel like I have my own style and I love it. I live in niagara falls NY. Im 5’2 in shape beautiful girl I feel like I’d be perfect to model for you please contact me Thanks you for you time.

    Idk where to post my photo but if you could tell I would 🙂

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