Missing the beach and my purple swimsuit

I took this picture one of the last weeks of summer this year, and was loving every minute of that beautiful day.

The beach water was too chilly for me, but I loved the sunshine, sand and sound of the waves.

Of course this is no ocean, it’s Lake Michigan. But I got to know it a little more this year and fell in love with it.

The swimsuit I’m wearing I bought a few years ago from Splash Gear one of the first hijab friendly swimsuits on the market.

What I like about my suit is that it’s “normal” looking. No weird alien lump like the Burkini.

Also, I’m wearing my own hijab with it, but you can purchase their head covers or I would recommend the Capsters swim cap.

My¬†preference¬†is to have something that’s comfortable, although in all honesty, I’d much rather have a regular swim cap (or nothing at all) because then my ears are open and the water doesn’t collect there from any fabric blocking them.

What do you wear when you go swimming?