Handbag for cheap

It seems like a very long time ago that I wrote about a pretty good deal I got when buying a purse.

Seeing that it was almost two years ago, that should let you know that it’s very rare that I buy purses.

That’s just me.

I do love nice handbags, but I’m not one to spend my money on them, and I love the thrill of getting one for cheap!

This time I was in the mood for a new bag and every time I’ve gone to Marshall’s the bags  I see that I gravitate towards are at least $200.

What to do?

I kept telling myself to be patient.

Well last week I was browsing through H&M and came upon this!

I looked at the price tag and it was over $50.00 but then I noticed a sign that they were on sale for $20!

I guess I’m staying true to my trends of not paying more than $20.00 for a purse! I did once for a Guess handbag bag in the day but it fell apart so it made me realize that price doesn’t always mean quality. Sometimes it just means brand name.

But, there are some luxury brands that stand by their product. So if you buy a pricey one, make sure to check their warranty and repair policy.

Where do you buy your handbags from? Do you ever splurge on a designer brand?

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Thank you all for your comments! sorry it has taken me forever to respond 🙁

    Jodi, I love expensive bags.. but I guess I’m too scared to splurge.

    Inaya you are right.. sadly this HM bag seems to be getting quite beat up.. on a brighter note, my mom surprised me with a coach bag for a gift, and I love it! She got it from a coach outlet sale on ebay, so I’m hoping she didn’t spend too much or I will feel guilty 🙂

    Helena, I love Marshall’s etc, but the bags I always go toward end up being $300 on sale lol.

    Mary you are right, quality is important. I guess every now and then I want a trendy look and cheap isn’t bad to achieve that look 😉

    Zeynub I’ll think of that next time i go to one. I only went to one when I was a kid lol and then one last year visiting my brother in NYC they kind of freak me out.

  2. Zeynub

    I shop for my bags at flea markets and I usually find real leather bags for less than 50 dollars. I’d recommend checking out your local flea market before going to any department store to buy a bag.

  3. Mary

    I don’t agree with this at all. I am all for saving money but more often than not you really do get what you pay for. You have to take into account the material and craftsmanship that goes into a bag. That’s how you separate the quality high price tag from the trendy high price tag. Brands like Guess and BEBE etc tend to be made out of PU and not real leather. They are also made in China usually. Paying extra for real leather that may be made in Italy can be an investment.

    Usually when you buy a cheap bag it ends up looking cheap very quick and you have to buy a new one sooner. Real leather can be conditioned and fixed up to look new again even after a decade. I think cheap bags are fine for a trend but quality expensive bags can be the bets choice if you want something to last, which ends up being cheaper in the long run.

    I don’t believe in crazy expensive prices though (1k and up).

  4. helena sorensen

    Miriam… ‘Winners’ is the store for big handbags under $50… that carry it all and are built to last!
    TJ Maxx & Marshalls in the US… are are under the same ownership.
    Happy Hunting from your Canadian ex-pat in KSA… Helena

  5. Inaya Shujaat

    Asalaamu Alaikam,

    Purses are my one guilty and expensive pleasure. I figure that since I rarely buy anything else for myself (seriously, I rarely shop for myself, since having kids), it’s okay to splurge on a purse now and then. Alhamdulilah, I have been blessed with a husband who doesn’t mind buying his wife a nice purse from time to time (mostly because he knows that I neglect my wardrobe, and since we don’t live near a hijab friendly hair salon, I never spend anything on my personal self).

    Coach is my all-time favorite brand, and since I’m more into the classic signature styles, the outlet store is a dreamland for shopping. I watch the sales, and since they started special online sales for the outlet store, I’ve managed to pick up a couple of bags at very reasonable prices.

    I wasted money on a couple Kate Spade bags last year, and I won’t do that again. The quality was alright, but I didn’t like the finish (I felt that the leather was too stiff, and never softened with regular use).

    I have several bags that I don’t use, and the smaller ones my daughter now plays with. It is my plan to eventually gift the newer condition ones to family members, InshAllah, so not all is wasted.

    I agree that sometimes, a brand name is nothing more than that. My rule in buying purses is to never buy from a “designer,” but rather, buy from someone who has built their business by making quality leather goods (Coach), or started off making purses (Kate Spade, although I have said that I won’t purchase again, I will admit that they make good products).

    I also figure that if you are willing to spend more than $50 on a scarf, with the philosophy that it goes on your head, and you wear it a lot, so it’s worth it, then the same philosophy should apply to purses. Sure, they don’t go on your head, but you use it a lot, and so it should be made of quality materials. I’ve seen some of these purses that are “reasonable,” and they just don’t have a good finish (loose stitching, for example is a common problem with purses bought at places like H&M).

    Maybe you can get lucky, by digging around and checking, but most are just not worth the effort and heartache. A cheap purse has to be replaced more frequently, so whatever bargain was had, is soon cancelled out by the fact that it wore out so quickly.

  6. Jodi

    I love beautiful purses but I never seem to ease myself into buying a fancy designer one. Like you, the ones I like are always too expensive to me and I doubt if they’d ever be more ‘reasonable’. I hope to purchase a good one that will last someday but for now I seem to find ones in thrift stores, on line or at flea markets. Sometimes, but rarely in discount stores like Target or Walmart. If you find a good one that is sturdy and attractive it can last for years! It can add to an outfit greatly!

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