Hijabtrendz Exclusive: Noor Tagouri

What better way to ring in the New Year than with an inspiring story? If you have been on social media, you may have noticed in the last few weeks, lots of people sharing a link to a video where a young Muslim woman shares her dream of becoming the first Hijabi news anchor in the United States.

We were so touched by her enthusiasm and found it so refreshing and wanted to share her story with all of you.

Noor Tagouri is the 19 year old girl behind the video. She grew up in Maryland and is currently studying Broadcast Journalism and International Development Conflict Management.


The media and entertainment industries are very hard to break into as a non
hijabi, why have you decided to pursue it even though your path may be more
I don’t mind taking on the challenge and getting into this industry as a hijabi will break boundaries and stereotypes about Muslim women.

You remind me a lot of myself when I was doing TV news anchoring in college. 🙂 I remember a classmate asking me what I would do if they didn’t hire me out of grad school because of hijab and I felt confident that wouldn’t happen to me. Needless to say that was almost 10 years ago and I had many news directors and agents tell me no because of my hijab. 
How do you think things have changed since then?

I don’t think things have changed too much because a few hijabi women in the field have told me this has happened to them too…however, I think people are more tolerant today and today is the time for change. We are the generation of diversity and change.

How have responses been so far now that you’ve launched your campaign? How does your family/friends feel about it?
Overall the responses have been extremely positive! With the exception of the few people who are totally ignorant about Islam. My family and friends are the BEST support system ever. They have all known I’ve had this dream since I was a child. They have done nothing but support me in reaching it.


Hijabi journalism student

What are your immediate goals that you hope to achieve in order to reach

your dream?
I would love to shadow my big inspirations. Oprah, Anderson Cooper, Christiane Amanpour, Soledad O’ Brein, Lisa Ling, Katie Couric, Barbra Walters, Diane Sawyer, etc. 🙂

Which network would you hope to be on?

ABC or CNN would be great

If you we’re given your dream job tomorrow what would it be and what would

you be doing?
I’d have my own morning show and could freely discuss stories, issues, and different perspectives!

Alicia Keys at the WPGC 95.5 Studios!

Your dedication and passion are an inspiration to many young girls. Do you
have any advice for them?
Always use passion to fuel your dreams! And ALWAYS study and practice whatever it is you are doing. If you’re not working hard, someone else is…and when you meet them, they will win. Always stay organized. And study the law of attraction. When you put out positivity you will receive positivity. And don’t waste your time gossiping, surround yourself with ambitious people who will encourage and support you to be the best YOU you can be!


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  1. Yasmin

    Mashallah, such an ispirational young lady 🙂

  2. Isabel

    Lov it!!! As a muslim women I think we need morre Noor Tagouri to get inspire and to be confident in american society using hijab. She is not only an example for muslim women, is an example for all woman in society that think that we can’t follow and persue our dreams not matter how big they are. Allhamdulillah and InshaAllah more muslim women show the rest of the world that we can be wathever we want and that we are not an oppressed womans, we are just as normal as any other woman, only with a different religion.
    By the way Mariam keep doing your excellent work as an blogger and dont let other people put you down with their critics. I’m a big fan and follower of your blog, sometimes people dont seen and appreciate the hard work that you put on this and forget that you also has a personal life, work, problems, etc.. MashaAllah you are so talented too.
    (Sorry for any grammar my first language is spanish I’m a fan from the caribbean Puerto Rico ????)

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