Pop Culture Hijabi: Celebrities and their baby bumps

These days more and more celebrities are given front page news for sharing the status of their fertility.

While it can be a little played out, we will tell you the positive in these situations.

More options for pregnant women!

Back when I was expecting (I know it wasn’t that long ago, but I like to think of myself as old and wise) I remember there were very limited options in terms of maternity clothing, and baby items.

Now, everywhere you turn there is a new invention or another company adding maternity clothes to their lineup.

There are also more celebrity endorsements of these products, which is a win win for us regular gals!


maternity top from LOFT

Above: Top from LOFT


Here are a few places you can go to find some great outfits without feeling like you’re turning into a giant blimp (well at least that’s how I felt).


Old Navy



Of course you can also check out your local department store, they usually have maternity sections.

Where do you shop to look like a celebrity expectant mama?