This is how I keep from starving

During the day I find that I often forget to eat, or I wait until too late in the day and end up gorging.

The best thing I have ever done in terms of feeling fuller and more energized, is to start eating breakfast.

I know that there is often a lot of talk about why breakfast is good for you, but for me I don’t feel hungry when I wake up and I’m usually on the run.

The most important thing to me is to get the kids fed and ready for school.

Usually I tell myself I’ll grab some oatmeal or something to eat when I get to work, and by the time I’m there I have to prepare to go on air, that I don’t have time to run and grab something.

Now what I do is I start my morning with a protein drink. I found it at Costco while randomly looking at the a pile of protein items they were promoting for New Year’s resolutions.

Normally I eat protein bars, but I find them chewy and time consuming and I don’t always feel *full*.


photo (7)premierprotein1

But this drink changed it for me. I drink it, I have water, sometimes I’ll have decaf coffee with skim milk. And then I will make sure to eat something every 2-3 hours.

WOW.. what a difference!

I have never felt better than now. My mind feels a lot less clouded and I’m more motivated to move around. I don’t feel that “slump” that usually happens by mid afternoon.

Anyhow, that’s me raving about this product. I guess I just can’t believe I found something this good!

What do you do to keep from being hungry? Have you ever tried this product?

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  1. Jodi

    This drink sounds great Mariam. I would love to try it & I hope I can find it in my area. I often forget to eat also or I wait too long like you’ve mentioned. I like protein drinks and have tried the Special K one before. I just don’t like all the sugar and sodium they add. I think we should eat and/or drink when we feel hungry because our bodies know what is best for us regardless of what the ‘charts’ and medical people say. I’m usually feeling dehydrated when I wake up so my first priority is getting water into my body and then I try to have something to eat if I’m feeling hungry. Oatmeal is a good option but like you, I don’t always feel hungry so I wait until I am. I like the grab and go protein drink though. I try to keep a protein bar in my purse ‘just in case’ and always have a water bottle as well.

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