I’m feeling a little saggy

There is something that happens as you age, your body begins to droop.

Or at least, that’s what I always thought.

But it can be prevented.

All you have to do is keep working out and incorporating weights.

Last year there was a point where I had lost all the weight I had planned, basically because I was stressed out most of the time, but instead of maintaining it and doing weights to tone up, I just kind of let it go.

Now, instead of beating myself up for that, I’m taking it step by step.

Muslim women working out
Here is how I’m improving my habits:

*Getting up every 15-20 minutes at work (I sit a lot!) and doing various stretches.

*Taking the stairs up to work and leaving via the stairs. No elevator as much as possible!

*Drinking lots of water in the morning.

*Checking in on my posture when I’m sitting. Try to hold in my stomach and avoid slumping.

*Always use sunscreen on my face before heading outside.

*Keep active when watching TV (this is where I usually end up like a zombie so it’s very important).


What are you doing to keep your energy up? Any tips for toning up?