Homeopathic gum

I probably seem like all I can talk about is food and snacks, but I really love to share neat little things that I come across.

When I went to my doctors office I saw that he was selling a variety of gum and this one caught my eye.

But before I get into the gum, you’re probably wondering why my doctor is selling it?

The place I go to is called Whole Health Chicago and they are focused on not just regular modern medicine, but holistic practices as well, which is why I go there.

I like the idea of finding natural ways to heal and maintain my health and I love the relaxed atmosphere.

In any case, this place has an apothecary and they sell various herbs and natural products and as I was browsing, that’s when I stumbled across the aforementioned gum.

homeopathic gum

It taste slightly flowery, but it’s quite pleasant. And it’s not too hard so if you’re like me and are not supposed to chew gum (I had two root canals!) this doesn’t bother my jaw at all.

Whether it really relaxes me, or it’s all in my mind, I do genuinely like this product.

It also comes in the form of drops or little pastilles if you’d rather savor it.

What do you think of homeopathic remedies? Do you have any family remedies that you use for your health?

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  1. Jodi

    Thanks for letting us know about all these things Mariam. I am 100% for homeopathic remedies. I grew up using them and use them throughout my life accordingly. I wish I lived near a place like you’ve mentioned because it sounds wonderful. I subscribed to the Eco-Emi monthly boxes and I like how they offer a lot of natural and homeopathic products to try and otherwise I would not know about. They’ve recently shared the Vitacare whitening gum and The American Trio Barley Grass, Wheat Grass and Alfalfa whole food drink powder! I would have never found these on my own.

    For headaches I like using Zandu Balm lightly on my temples and forehead. It also works great for stuffy noses if you put a little on the inside of your nostrils. It has a lot of uses!

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