Lush cosmetics a hit and miss

A friend of mine told me all about the brand Lush and I was so excited to try it out.

I used to walk past the store and think it was just a place that sold soap, but then after hearing from her that they had hair care and other products, I thought I’d give it a try.

The one thing I noticed is there weren’t any clear prices anywhere, and when the salespeople descend upon you like hawks, it can make you feel pressured to buy.





I did want to try their products, but I was embarrassed to have to keep telling the sales person I was trying to keep a budget. What’s even more awkward is that as I’m saying this the sales person is trying to convince me to use an $80 face cream with supposedly rare ingredients.

Because I do a lot of research into products before I buy, I could see right through them and their memorized lines and would have preferred to browse on my own. When I asked if  they had some samples I could take home to try, I was told, “This is a luxury brand we do not do samples.” However, the next time I went in, another sale person told me, “How about I make you a sample and you can see if you like it?”

In any case, I bought several items and took them home and some were great and some were not so great.






I think one of the misleading perceptions is that this place is some type of organic all natural cosmetic brand.  I noticed lots of items contained sulfates and alcohol. Shampoos with alcohol dry out the hair, so it seemed a little counter productive, but I could be mistaken as I’m not a chemist.

They do have a great return policy even on items you’ve opened, so I did take some things back.


Bottom line:

Stick to the skin care or soap, but skip the hair care unless you can try a sample first.


Products I like:

Ultrabland facial cleanser

Ocean Salt Scrub for face or body

Creme Anglais body lotion

Honey I washed the kids soap

Miranda soap


Have you ever tried this brand? What are your thoughts? 

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Jodi, I didn’t realize they have been touted over YouTube.. where have I been? lol. Thanks for sharing your experience! I do believe they are way overpriced and often questions why I didn’t just keep doing my own homemade remedies hehe.

  2. Jodi

    I mostly use some of the LUSH soaps, shower gels, bath bombs and bubble bars. I have tried the fragrances and charity pots as well as a few face cleansers and scrubs. I never go near the hair care items. I never shop in store because there is not a store within 3 hours drive of me. So I shop on line only. As far as I know, they ALWAYS give out samples, even with online orders I get free samples in my package along with their catalog. I would not consider them a ‘Luxury’ brand, although they are expensive on some things. I think they don’t have prices in things in the store because they cut you, or mix you what you want and how much you want in the store and then weigh it to price it. Especially the soaps! Save all of your containers because when you get a certain number of them you can trade them in for a free product. I do think LUSH is a bit deceiving if we were to think they ware all natural. Overall I like their bath products, but to be honest, they are way over priced and a lot of the frenzy is in the marketing. Thanks to Youtube gurus they have really make it big!

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