The Versace Harem

Muslim women continue to fascinate the world.

An article recently published on Slate caught our attention, especially the headline The Versace Harem.

What are your thoughts after reading it?

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    @Naemah and @Robyn thanks for your comments!
    I wasn’t sure what to make of this article. It seemed surreal .. do these women really exist? lol. I’m sure they do, but it felt like they were far removed from reality.

    I think there is a bit of brainwashing going on. They all look alike.. a little Stepford Wife perhaps?

    I understand people trying to modernize Islam and how it’s viewed, and I don’t want to come off as superficial, but I mean bad fashion is not going to make Muslim women look any better haha. I felt like it was almost an SNL skit.

  2. Robyn

    I appreciated the tone the author took in expressing several times that this was an interpretation of Islam and that they seemed almost cultish. I do fear that in our quest to shoe how moderate we are here in the states, we will follow this confusing and contradictory path. Harem does seem an apt description. But in all honesty, I have often wondered at the concept of wearing less = liberation. And then to throw a ton of makeup on and dye your hair and get your nails done? Isn’t that just covering yourself in a different fashion? And while it is covering, it is covering in a way that is meant to attract attention, not deflect it as the Quran teaches. At the end of the day, Allah knows their hearts and is their judge. He is the best of judges, not my human flawed self.

  3. Naemah Sarmad

    I have a serious issue with the article. The fact that sexualization of women is a good thing is seriously problematic in my mind and also the man saying Hijab was not required was also blatantly against the rules of Islam. I dont like articles that praise compromising the truth of what we have in order to seem more acceptable to secular societies. A talk show hosted by Muslim women…good idea….using sexuality to advertise a “product” is absolutely unacceptable.

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