Fizzy vinegar quite tasty

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I never thought I’d try Kombucha. It’s a fermented tea that contains a lot of probiotics.

The first time I heard of it years ago, was when one of my brothers bough it from Whole Foods.

He chugged it down in a few gulps and afterward told me he felt sick to his stomach.

So I steered clear.

I thought, maybe I’d get sick if I tasted it.

But then a few months ago while visiting my family I met up with a good friend and headed to the local food coop.

She convinced me to try Kombucha for it’s health benefits.

I took a few sips, but chickened out from finishing the bottle.

It smelled like vinegar but not too strong. Β It also had a fizzy taste, kind of like when you take a dip into the guacamole and it fizzes and you know it has gone bad.




Fast forward and yesterday I bought some Kombucha with chia seeds (I’m obsessed with Chia) and it was amazing.

Maybe it’s mental, but I felt fresh and cleansed and light. I didn’t even have any junk food cravings.

I don’t think it’s something I will drink on a daily basis because it’s quite pricey, but I will indulge every now and then.

There are some folks who make their own, but that’s more than I can handle at this point.


Have you tried Kombucha?

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  1. Soumaya

    Kumbucha is all the rage here but I just can’t get to liking it no matter the health benefits. The taste is just too strange for my palate I guess :). What do you do with chia seeds at home? Do they have health benefits?

  2. Mariam Sobh

    Someone posted on the FB page something similar about alcohol content, so I read a few articles as well. I think that the one I got didn’t have any or if it did, would be similar to that of vinegar. I bought it at the regular store and there were no labels or even anything on the bottle that said anything about it. I will keep an eye though, because I don’t want to get tipsy πŸ˜‰ But I do know that the Chia drinks are my fave.. so will keep trying out new types of drinks that use chia in them. I do sometimes make my own at home when I’m not being a lazy bum πŸ™‚

  3. qatheworld

    I love chia seeds, but I won’t try kombucha. I did smell it once and it did not smell good πŸ˜› lol but the main reason is there was an article in the paper recently that they had tested bottled kombucha for sale at several stores and had found a significant percentage of alcohol which developed from the fermentation process while it sat on the shelf (not declared on the label), which was a higher amount than was allowed to be undeclared in a product. Following this, several stores moved their kombucha to the alcohol sections of the store or removed it because there is a regulation that if there is a certain percentage of alcohol it falls under different sale rules (or they put up signs that they wouldn’t sell to under 21).

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