Hijab wearing news anchor a first in her country

The article is a little dated, but it’s quite interesting. You can read it here.

Even thought it’s not entirely in English you can get the gist of it.

first hijabi news anchor

Princess Habibah Sarip is a pioneer, the first Filipina news anchor to wear a hijab on national TV, on the government network PTV-4. It’s a conscious symbol of inclusion by the government, according to PTV-4 news director Ed Finlan. 


The woman pictured above , Princess Habibah Sarip, is the first hijabi news anchor in the Phillipines.

It’s amazing to see that hijabis  in so many countries other than the USA are able to be on television in prominent roles. Usually we see the West as “forward” and on trend. But these days we seem to be lagging way behind.


What are your thoughts? Why is the USA so hesitant to put Muslim women with hijab in the spotlight? Why are other countries more willing to go with it?