Hijab in the news for August 2013

There will always be something about Muslim women in the news, and of course hijab is usually somehow in the spotlight.

In case you missed any of the articles here are some to keep you up to speed.


Lady Gaga and her Burqa

Another take on Lady Gaga and the Burqa 

Swedish women show support after pregnant woman in hijab attacked

Muslim law student asked to take off hijab for exam


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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Noranour, it is strange that they waited to tell her after the first half of the exam was already underway. And I wonder how often people look into their archaic rules to make sure they are followed exactly.

  2. NoraNour

    These articles are very interesting to me! The one thing I want to say is that I am very appalled for someone to disturb someone during a stressful exam about her hijab. That is a sensitive issue and should of been discussed at the beginning if anything. It can give more stress on a person when they all ready have so much stress to begin with. I would be very very upset if that happened to me and would not be able to finish. That is completely unacceptable in my dictionary. I never even knew that such thing would be an issue in the US. It’s nice to get the heads up with this matter especially when it’s very clear we wear it for religious purposes.

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