Headwrap Expo 2013

Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, is the founder of the Headwrap Expo, that will be taking place in Michigan on November 17th. It sounds amazing so we asked her a few questions about why she decided to put together this event.

What is this event and how did it start?

This event is the brainchild of our organizing team’s combined 46 years of experience teaching headwrapping, presenting on cultural fashion trends, and scarf styling. The inaugural HEADWRAP EXPO by Beautifully Wrapped brings together over 40 vendors, 500 attendees, 10 fashion designers, and 10 workshop presenters for a day-long shopping, fashion, beauty, and cultural experience centered on the art of headwrapping and scarf styling.

How many years have you been putting on this event?

We’ve been organizing headwrapping workshops and related events throughout the community for many years. This is the inaugural year for the EXPO and we are super excited to be able to reach more people at one time. The HEADWRAP EXPO will be an annual event, inshaAllah. We also have plans for a West Coast edition, and then an international edition in 2016.

Where do most attendees come from?

Our crowd and following are unique. THE HEADWRAP EXPO attendees are fashion-forward, culturally-minded folks from throughout the Mid-West. We pull a multi-religious, multi-ethnic eclectic group of people, many of whom are humanitarian minded and enjoy diverse colorful atmospheres and mingling with people from various backgrounds.

 headwrap expo

What is the fee to attend?

Only $10 in advance or $50 for vendors! We’ve kept the price extremely low in order to make sure EVERYONE has the opportunity to participate! Children under 12 are FREE!

What kinds of things can people expect to see, do, or take part in?

We have a FULL day of beauty, culture, education, and fashion planned! Everything from one-on-one styling tutorials, our WRAPPED & ADORNED fashion shows, workshops on natural hair care, fashion blogging, headwrapping, culture of scarf styling and adornment; shopping with the vendors and networking.

We have planned a special workshop for people dealing with hair loss from chemo or other causes. Attendees should COME WRAPPED and win a chance to win our BEST DRESSED ATTENDEE award. Other contests include: Most unique vendor, and Best Look from an Amateur Fashion Designer. People will walk away having had one of the best experiences of the year!

Anything else you’d like to add?

From London, New York Runways and Prada, to the streets of Morocco, Malaysia and Nigeria, headwrapping is a global phenomenon enjoyed by women and men of all backgrounds. I’ve been teaching headwrapping for over 10 years, publish an annual benefit calendar entitled Beautifully Wrapped, and am now starting THE HEADWRAP EXPO AND FASHION SHOW as a way to showcase the art and highlight this growing industry.

As an anthropologist, headwrapping is my tool to build love and respect between humanity – one wrap at a time. By highlighting the art, we also aim to remove some of the negative stigma placed against some of our sisters when they wrap.Beautifully Wrapped is an international, interfaith organization that brings together people of all cultures and ethnicities to showcase the art form of Headwrapping as a way to promote beauty, spiritual identity and holistic health and healing.  We endeavor to inspire, enlighten, and empower women of all walks of life through education, publications, media, and fashion.

The act of wrapping is like the building of courage, strength, spirituality, and love all at once.  With each fold, tuck or pull of the cloth, you become beautifully-wrapped in a sense of inner strength and a higher purpose.

You can find out more by heading over to their Facebook page.