Zeena’s Fall 2013 Collection

We received some items from Zeena and wanted to share our thoughts with you.

The long beige top and the silk hijab are from their Fall 2013 collection.

I have always loved their style and design and even the feel of the fabric.

Because I’m sure they have to accommodate a variety of body types, they do a good job with the flow of their outfits.

Fall hijab fashion 2013

Fall hijab fashion 2013

What I did was pair the long shirt with my own long jersey cardigan on top.

Since I’m not very tall, the outfit would completely overwhelm me if I didn’t break it up somehow.

Another thing I may try is to wear a belt to break up the look so it doesn’t look like I’m being swallowed by fabric.

I may even hem the length so that it’s more in line with where my cardigan ends, because that is a better length for my proportions.

What do you think? Are you liking this style?