Rihanna Causes Scandal in Hijab

A few days ago a co worker forwarded us a picture of Rihanna in hijab.

We had planned to post it, but forgot about it. It seemed fairly simple and just showed her standing there in a black hijab in the UAE where she was holding a performance.

Fast forward to Monday and it has become a big scandal. Apparently because it appears she was posing in front of a mosque, her pictures have gone viral.

Rihanna is also grabbing headlines because the story is now unfolding that she was allegedly kicked out for her instagram photo shoot.

rihanna in hijab

rihanna in hijab

What are your thoughts? Would it be OK if she was a Muslim woman?

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  2. Noor

    I think the fact that we are fixated on this woman’s actions shows the error in our own hearts. If this were anyone else no one would care so why place such importance on her simply because she is a celebrity? Shows that we too as Muslims have some sin in our own hearts. Only Allah knows what she was thinking, what’s in her heart and her fate.

  3. Fareeda

    Like jodi rightly said, that is no hijab. And considering the type of person she is, who let her into the mosque in the first place! I know the mosque is open to tourists but this kinda thing should not be tolorated. Its a mosque for God’s sake!

  4. Deanna

    She has a scarf over her head, she’s not wearing hijab. Hijab is from the heart and for the purpose of obeying the command of Allah, SWT. This is just a celebrity playing dress up.

  5. Jodi

    I don’t think she is wearing a ‘hijab’ at all. She’s wearing a black scarf to cover her head and pose for the camera. In this case it’s just a piece of cloth, nothing more. Who knows what it means to her, but it just looks like more publicity and no religious or spiritual emphasis whatsoever. We should not let things like this bother us at all. It has nothing to do with Islam or Muslim women IMHO. She’s just being herself and in in her world, what more can she be? I don’t think she’s mocking anyone or anything.

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